How Does It Feel?

What is the feeling today with the game only on the Pac-12 Network? How many of you were inconvenienced? Did anyone miss the game?

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Lame Kitten ball is the best comedy on tv … and Im missing it dang. Goatboy Kiffins trying to coach football is hilarious

  • lbt2k

    hugely inconvenienced. went to three different bars before giving up. ended up using a friends login for cox so i could stream it from home. but, even then the internet streaming was not working.

    just like conference officiating, the pac-12 networks is the worst.

  • LovetheCapper

    I’ll let you know after I finish watching it on my big screen. I have both Cox & DTV.

  • OldTymer

    Something must be done about this situation. The Pac-12 can’t be profiting from people not watching games. They must get their act together soon…

  • LovetheCapper

    Scott, what’s the injury report on the center?

  • steve49

    ^ Ya Scott will report on all the injuries tomorrow.

  • USConquer

    Its DirectTv’s fault for you fools that are blaming thepac 12 network. DtVis a huge, greedy satellite provider.

  • schammer47

    PAC-12 TV most likely will cost me two to three additional games before the regular season is over. YES IT SUCKS. “Watched” the game on ESPN Gamecast GAME NOTES. A real piss pore way to be involved with a college football game. One of the networks televised Colorado and WSU. Had a great game, but golly !

    We’ll take the win !!! From the notes, we seemed to have run the ball exceptionally well.

    FIGHT ON !!!

  • Brettm

    I missed it here in San Diego… No PAC 12 Network for UVERSE.

  • steve49

    hey conquer, I am not a fool, and why didn’t pac12 start negotiations sooner, and what was the big hurry to get started without having networks signed up? Pac12 is just as much to blame as the networks. Couldn’t they just sign up networks for football season and negotiate the long term contracts in the interim? Larry Scott is an asshole and he is the one that shoved the network down everyone’s throat before it was ready.

  • BoscoH

    I hope Larry Scott dies in a pool of his own vomit. Watched with family who had Cox. So I offered to pay the $5 to order the HD tier so we could watch it in HD. Turns out Cox won’t sell that tier to you unless you have a new box and a 1 year commitment. Such a joke. Scott should have thought about the fans. He’s off making revenue deals where the cable companies have to stick it to the fans.

    And the “talent” blows. Should’ve just listened on radio.

  • Trojanfan

    Where is Bucket?

    All you cry babies have your banana hammock all twisted, switch to Dish Network and quit the fuckin whining

    Goatgirl, you’re giving bucket a run for this money when it comes to the biggest fuckin idiot

  • USConquer

    Bunch of WHINERS on this blog. I’m almost embarrassed to call you fools my fellow Trojans. I haven’t seen any other fans cry about the pac 12 network like the fans on this page. Get a goddam grip! And like Trojanfan said, stop WHINING!!

    FIGHT ON!!

  • schammer47


    Those of us who got burned were asked by Mr. Wolf how we felt about PAC-12 TV, were we inconvenienced and did we get shut out of the game.

    Just answering 3 legitimate direct questions. There is no charge here.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Like a complete unknown

  • Trojanfan

    Hey schammer47

    Burned!…. what are you talking about, you only have yourself to blame, should of had your ducks in line….

  • DiamondD

    Trojanfan and USConquest live at their parents house, where it’s all good.

    Maybe they’re right and we shouldn’t complain though, the game sounded like a typically lousy Cal-USC affair. Haven’t seen any can’t-miss football out of the Pac-12 this year, “Larry Scott” (any word yet on his actual birthname?) Can we just go the independent route like Notre Dame and jump off this sinking ship while we have the chance?

    Although hey, surely soon the bowls too will only be available via Pay-Per-View…..

  • marvgoux

    steve40 and Bosco are right. Funny how the Big Ten network has no trouble with Directv and offers 4 channels of games beginning at 9AM every Saturday.

  • Ram-Man Kiffin

    Trojan Football the way I coach it is the most inspiring event on television. If Jesus himself had a show on TV, it would not be as good as my product. Check it out by any means necessary.

  • USConquer

    Man, with Trojans fans like this we are in a heap of horseshit in the pac 12. “Haven’t seen any can’t-miss football out of the Pac-12 this year” really DiamondDick?? Really? Fans like you make the country NOT take the pac 12 seriously.

    Stop whining. DirecTV is holding out and being greedy and all the while the entire conf is losing millions of dollars.

    Every SC game should be available to all of the citizenry just like the romano emperors invited all the people to the Colosseum for sickass lion maulings!

  • No problem. I have Time Warner Cable.

  • USConquer

    Sobayquail: wellgood for you!

    Congratulations tough guy. Get a real name.