Viewing Guide

Here are the TV systems carrying the USC-Cal game today:
Time Warner – Channels 245 and 370 (HD)
Cox – Channels 78 and 1078 (HD)
Bright House – Channels 114 and 1114 (HD)
DISH – Channel 413 (HD/SD)

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  • BoscoH

    ATT UVerse — nada.

    On Cox OC, if you want it in HD, you need their Advanced TV Plus (not to be confused with Preferred Plus women at the cadre’s housing project). It’s $5/month and they can get you hooked up in 10 minutes.

  • Cheatthesystem

    What a joke! I can’t even find a place that is showing the game locally!

    Nice. Job. Larry. Scott.

    I guess Front Row Sports whatever that is might stream the game.

  • steve49

    it may get streamed on you need stream torrent but thats easy
    if you know someone with cable ask for their acount info and you can stream it

  • BoscoH

    So, the whole story on Cox OC turns out to be that you need one of the new DVR boxes and a 12 month commitment or the HD channel isn’t available to you.

    Larry Scott can die in a pool of his own vomit. This whole Pac-12 network thing was a polite hold-up. He gets to say he’s building a platform for the conference and all that crap, while he has the cable companies screw the fans sideways for him. Hey, there are deals. It’s available. He did his job. Lame.

  • Cheatthesystem

    First Row Sports is streaming the Pac12 feed.

  • DiamondD

    This is dreadful. Endless college football outlets on TV and this so-called proud conference doesn’t even have one of its premier teams on.

    Does this signal the return to “Fireside Chats”? Sorry Pete Arbogast, but unless Vin Scully is doing radio there’s only so much I can take on my couch without picture in front of me.