Morning Buzz

USC was a “mad team” according to safety T.J. McDonald as the Trojans defeated Cal, Link here.
Meanwhile, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said he sympathized with fans upset they did not see the game because it was on the Pac-12 Network. Link here.

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  • steve49

    His sympathy overwhelms me. A lot of the reasons we can’t see the games is his fault. If he cared about the fans he would have had this as the sample season or at a discounted price to introduce the network. Oh yah, it’s a business, but what a way to start out with thousands of pissed off customers. Not saying that direct and verizon are guilt free, they are money grubbing bastards also. Just sayin

  • USConquer

    Here you go again steve49, laying most of the blame on Larry. Don’t get me wrong he went way overboard in his complicity with the sanctions but your mixing apples and oranges in making him the main culprit here and that is frankly, well foolish.
    Directv is being highly unreasonable and unwilling to accept the same deal that others got yet there the largest satellite co. Greediness all the way I tell you.