Refs Watch

Mike Pereira, an officiating consultant for the Pac-12, said three fired refs are now working as NFL replacement refs in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News. Pereira previously said fired Lingerie Football League officials worked an NFL game.
Which ones were worse?

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  • USConquer

    The Refs gave the game to Runaway Pete gift wrapped and with a golden bow on Monday night. More bad calls to come.

  • gotroy22

    The worst part of the Packer Debacle last night was not that the replacement officials on the field missed the blantant offensive pass interference by ex-Domer Tate and blew the interception call. The worst part was that the replay official clearly could see that the Packer’s DB intercepted the pass but upheld that call on the field. It shows that the replay official is influenced by the home crowd. He was afraid there would be a riot if he overruled the touchdown call. Why have a replay official if they give into the crowd?

  • There are a couple current replacement refs that Pereira fired for being “bad refs”? HAAAA!! his entire Pac-12 crew is joke!! I’ve seen H.S. refs do twice as good a job as his incompetent a-holes called “refs”.

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    Where do I sign up to be a NFL ref? I’ve sh!tted on myself plenty of times.

    Runaway Pete got away with another one. Just like Runaway Rick, Kickalong Karl, Shoo-away Bob and Treat like a stepchild Terry.

    Can;t we all get along? I don’t wanna die ALONE. County changed me. When I’m on my meds, I see colors and you’re all beautiful