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USC coach Lane Kiffin said again teams are putting in defenses specifically for the Trojans.
“First off, we got to credit defenses,” Kiffin said. “They get paid, too, to coach. We are seeing different defenses in the first quarter of our games than on tape (because of the focus on Woods and Lee). Link here.

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  • QueenKiff

    Has Kiff just learned what STRATEGY is? No sh*t Kiff! Coaches get Sunday through Friday to PREPARE a defense suited against your offense! My goodness what a moron – as if those same coaches don’t spend the week specifying their defenses to Oregon’s spread and Stanford’s Pro Set. Kiff is acting as if it’s unfair that his 5 star recruits can’t automatically adjust to the different ways DCs will plot against them. That’s what COACHING is for Kiff!

  • QueenKiff

    I’ll end my rant with a question: How in the world is it that you have the next NFL draft’s #1 QB, #1 WR in Lee, #1 C in Holmes, eventual top 5-10 WR in Woods, and draft picks at RB, and vastly under performing, have the gull to make excuses about opposing defenses not being the same cardboard cut-out blowovers??? IDIOT! What’s Kiff’s excuse next year?!?!

  • dtksr1

    Jesus… I can’t believe Kiffin is making this an issue. Of course the opponent is attempting stopping your bread & butter plays, the short passing game. This brings up a point that so many other posters have been warning about. Kiffin, you are not utilizing enough of the playbook to countact what the other side is doing to your WRs. Did you expect the other PAC-10 teams to ignore the first 2-3 games this season where you were force feeding your WRs? Where were the screens, lobs to the RBs, an occaisional bomb, sweeps, runs up the middle in addition to your WR plays? If you mix the plays enough, you have the defense guessing. What is so hard about doing that Kiffin? You have gone to the well too often. Now your other plays need to work in the conference games but you haven’t practiced them-run them enough for them to actually work. And surprise…. they aren’t working! This is offense 101 and you, Coach Kiffin, you have failed here. You need to redo your playcalling or assign another coach to do it. Otherwise, you are looking at another loss or 2 down the road!

  • SLOTrojan

    I’m as frustrated as anyone by Kiffin’s lack of game day adjustments. Perhaps it is due to his taking on too much with play calling duties. Having his OC call plays would certainly free him up to think more critically about overall game strategy. That said, I don’t know that we have an offense coach on the team that has any experience in calling plays. Kiffin may be the best option for the rest of the season. Let’s also keep in mind that we saw this same pattern last year. In 3 of our first 4 games in 2011 we scored 19, 23 and 22 points against some of the weakest competition we faced all year. We were all equally frustrated with the play calling and offense output after game 4, the ASU loss, last year. Then the offense starting clicking in mid-season, putting up an average of 36 pts a game against more challenging competition. The 50-0 drubbing of UCLA was simply a thing of beauty. Our defense is much improved this year, so if we can see similar improvement in the offense moving forward, and with the talent we have on roster they should be able to figure out, we’re going to be fine. But yes, Lane needs to get better. I’m optimistic he will.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    It’s called ‘coaching’ Goatboy… you are suprised because you don’t understand it. Is this guy really that stupid ??????

  • DixieTrojan

    In college football, we need to stop the payment of coaches. This ruins the sanctity of the game.

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    I hate to ask on this board but could any of you help out a Morning Buzzed bear? Somebody stole my shopping cart with all my Cerritos Doritos. My Sec8 housing ‘friend’ didn’t hold my spot so I have no place to stay. After spending 45 days in County, I’ve missed you all. I promise, I’ll refrain from idolizing myself and be a better person… I’m easy to find, just ask anybody urinating on themselves. They’ll point me out.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^sound like a similar situation bucket was in until he got the newspaper route

  • What a loser impersonator ^^^^ trOJanFag, get a life.

  • LovetheCapper

    TF, I think the urn fell as well.

  • Whats sooo frustrating is Lane Kiffin’s inability to make adjustments at halftime, extreme conservatism and predictability of plays being called.
    When I can call out a play from the stands by simply looking at our alignment, I am certain the opposing team’s D-coordinator can see it as well.
    LK do you realize how many coaches would LOVE to have the offensive tools you have at your disposal? The difference is they would be calling CREATIVE plays that keeps the defense off balance and exploit the speed & athleticism USC players are blessed with.
    In addition, when will LK use players like George Farmer who is now healthy and is ready to make an impact…BTW Farmer is faster & stronger than DE Anthony Thomas..just hate to see talented players go unused. The main point here is I hope we are not continually fed with outrageous excuses about why things are being executed & why we run up the middle against Stanford with 60 yards to go, 1 time out with 1 minute remaining, after NOT being able to run the ball the entire game…everyone that watched that play was horrified…please LK lets stop complaining about other defenses…I do not see the Alabama’s of college football worry about “specially” designed defenses…they simply adjust & then blown them away…just like USC should be doing. Oh one last item, SW brought up a good point last week, LSU is playing with74 scholarship athletes right now and we do not hear them bring numbers up as an excuse…lets just play strong & physical Trojans football & stop the whining! It is getting old!Everyone with a pair of eyes can see the difference between our product and other ranked teams, we have the horses we just need LK to stop playing not to lose & for once play to win at all times!

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    I idolize myself
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  • I see Bruin Rob has another idol. Dude’s a legend!!
    @ Capper, “urn”? huh?

  • LovetheCapper

    You don’t remember your OWN wife’s passing? JEEZE

  • QueenKiff

    Rob, You get jail for publix intox?!?!? COnsidering how red Cali’s budget is you’d think they’d be happy fining you.

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    couldn’t pay the fine, or don the orange jacket for CALTrans so I did the time. Didn’t qualify for community service on Skid Row since I listed Midnight Mission as my rez after ‘friend’ kicked me outta Sec8 housing.