Less Is More

Defensive tackle Antwaun Woods said defensive end Morgan Breslin influences the rest of the line with his play.
“He’s quiet and super humble,” Woods said. “He gets all these sacks and thinks it’s not good enough.”

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  • QueenKiff

    So KittyKiffs interprets “quiet and super humble” as “no personality.” Valuable character insight into KittyKiffs. Tool.

  • lbc trojan

    OK, Jesus, this “QueenKiff” character has gotta go. Quit your bitching already, bro! GET A LIFE. Are you a mix of CryMex and “Goatboy” and “Lane Kiffin”??? All three of you the same guy, right?
    Seriously… GET A LIFE. You’re pathetic.

  • oneillwatch

    I never thought I would agree with the trolls on this blog. I just wonder what kind of how big a tool a head coach has to be to tell the press that one of his star defensive players has “no personality.” Either Kiffin’s mouth is overclocked to his brain, he has no brain to connect to his mouth or his is just a platinum-plated tool. Maybe coach O’Neill can coach up Kiffin’s diplomacy skeelz. Memo to Kiffin: take the sacks leave the outsized personalities to people who need them to be noticed.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^run along you fuckin trolls

    The guy has been the defensive MVP so far this season

    Morgan Breslin = Silent Assassin…enough said

  • BoscoH

    What do they say… “Never overestimate the ability of the American media or people to take things too literally.” Have fun with this. Kiffin paid Breslin a very high compliment.

  • TrojanPete

    BoscoH is right (again). Watch the press conference


    Begin at around the 2:15 mark until 3:45 and listen to what Kiffin actually said about Breslin. You’ll realize that Wolf’s comment is mentioned without proper context. Kiffin speaks highly of Breslin.


    YOu know how men like to bond by “insulting” the ones they like. “Hey, dude, nice haircut, how much does it cost to cut your 3 little head hairs.”

    And I bet Kiff meant it as a kind of ‘kidding around’ comment about Breslin having no personality. “Yeah, the kid doesn’t talk much; hard to get to know him; he just might not have any personality.”