Practice Update

USC practiced at Dedeaux Field today for its last bye week practice that will not include Utah game planning. Lane Kiffin said defensive end Morgan Breslin played every snap against Cal.
He also said Breslin, who does not speak to the media, says little to the team either.
“He does not have a personality at all,” Kiffin said.
Kiffin said he hoped the Cal was an example of USC’s identity as a team.
Wide receiver Robert Woods returned to practice today. Kiffin said some members of the team were “under the weather.” The flu bug apparently hit some players before the Stanford game.

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  • Bill

    Lame Kitten should be the expert at recognizing no personality!

    Now, the flu bug will be the latest excuse for the Stanford loss! What excuse is next?

  • QueenKiff

    Where KittyKiffs won’t report injuries, he reports personality setbacks. Total Tool of a coach.

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    Come one, come all. I’m a replacement worker for Bill at Jack-in-the-Box on Western. What uniquely qualifies me is a Jack shirt I found at Goodwill while I served my apprentiship. They’re starting me with cleaning dining room and off-loading trucks. It’s a 10-day call up.

    btw, they told me to leave the mean & nasty attitude at the door (sorry coach Jimbo)


  • BoscoH

    He’s got NO per-son-ality
    no per-son-ality
    no per-son-ality
    He doesn’t talk
    no per-son-ality
    to media
    no per-son-ality
    to coaches
    no per-son-ality
    to his team
    no per-son-ality
    to himself
    no per-son-ality

    …but he’s a beast and we love him!

  • Trojanfan
  • QueenKiff

    On second thought, maybe Orgeron forgot to mention to Kiff that his steriod program is dehumanizing Breslin. Sometimes that happens, along with shriveling your balls.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey wolfman ,I just listened to Kiff’s presser, quit trying to stir the pot when it’s empty….