• briankeithedwards

    If you had to select three Trojan numbers to be retired besides the current ones, who would you choose and why?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, I think Kiffin’s response to the Stanford loss is telling in that it exposed his mis-management of the playcalling not only that game, but the first 2-games in not giving the RBs & O-line enough gametime work it needed to come thru when Stanford effectively stopped the passing game the 2nd half. The claim Barkley made 2-bad choices at the end of the 1st half means nothing… as the Trojans were still ahead at the half. Kiffin made no noticeable halftime changes and his playcalling got the offense 0 points the 2nd half. Very telling…

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    Why do you have such a contentious relationship with Lane Kiffin and the USC Football program?

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    Do you believe negative reporting on USC football gives you credibility? Wouldn’t it make sense that a non bias journalist would post some positive stories as well as the constant flow of negative stories you post?

  • Troy

    Do you think Kiffin as being dual-hatted (HC and OC) is the reason why the offense is struggling? If so, do you see an immediate hire for an oc for next season?

  • trojaned 66

    Your prediction Scott:Who will have the best record at seasons end…USC or UCLA?

  • tom_floyd

    What’s the latest with the Gavin Smith disappearance? I haven’t heard anything new for many weeks now. Very sad for Evan and his family.

  • USC – 714

    Obviously (just like you did Boise St last year) you have voted LSU #1 in an attempt to be “different” or make yourself stand out. But just wondering if you have realized that your attempt to be different has also made you look like an idiot who knows nothing about football. Has this soaked in yet?

  • 51Grad

    Do the other college coaches (basketball, baseball, etc) have the same large egos as the football coaches?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Typical reasons for recruits in general not living up to potential include: lack of focus, poor work ethic, clashes with coaches, no opportunities available/offered, poor coaching decisions, over-hyped out of high school, over-shadowed by current teammates, scholastic issues, medical concerns etc.

    Do any of these apply to George Farmer, do you ever see him getting playing time or transferring and how does he stack up against Nelson Agholor?

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    Do you think Nick Saban would tolerate your crap for 1 second?


    How many times since Kiffin became head coach has he told the Trojan family that he misses and wants them to attend practice? This year at Salute and at the Palm Springs Trojan Club he made no such statement and there were no open practices this fall.

    If he doesn’t want injuries reported then he can’t have the general public viewing practice either. Something doesn’t smell right.

    He stated repeatedly the NCAA sanctions were the problem and now we find out he is “George Allen” paranoid. Was I lied to? Will I ever get to go to practice again? I would like to know how Mike Rae’s caddy feels about this duplicity. Lane is no Pete Carroll.

  • marvgoux

    Scott, you wrote that Matt Barkley believes he’s “managed the games tremendously well” this season and admitted “this is not a year for me to start complaining about stats or anything like that.”
    Do you think Matt managed the Stanford game tremendously well and does Matt still think he deserves the Heisman?

  • malachi crunch5

    what does it feel like to work in a dying industry?

  • spedjones

    Speaking of George Farmer, I don’t believe he’s hurt. Scott, without breaking the double pinkie swear promise you made to Kiffin, what’s the real story? Will he be transferring soon?


    Are you looking forward to the new Bill & Ted movie currently being made?

  • Mike 70

    Sped – nice try. If he were to transfer we know where he won’t go don’t we?

  • fight on ’92

    Last year when a player fumbled the football, they were immediately benched. It appears that this season there is a new policy as Silas Redd continues to carry the ball even with his habit of “putting it on the ground”. Have you asked the coach about this inconsistency from last year?

  • gotroy22

    There is a raging controversy going on and we need your esteemed opinion as an unbiased observer. Directv seems to have no problem getting along with the Big 10 Network and offers 4 channels of games beginning at 9AM. The Pac 12 network only offers 2 channels and can’t come to an agreement with Directv. Who in your opinion is to blame for the Pac 12 Network- Directv kerfuffle?

  • AbeSimpson

    Now that we are two games into the season, do you have any more information about why Dennis Packer was fired?

    Any thoughts about his replacement? The new announcer was better at the Cal game, but most fans in my section think he’s quiet, dull, and unenthusiastic.

  • arturo

    Did Winning Forever result in Pete Carroll getting the call on the last play of the game and winning the Packers game ?

  • Trojanfan
  • Fart 0330

    how many times a day do you fart and go poop and what do your farts sound like?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, many observers, including the Cadre, opined that the wolf-Gate distraction directly contributed to the debacle at Stanford, and possibly cost the trOXans a shot at the BCS champeenship.

    of course that was all on Kiff, and as is turns out he misconstrued your alleged actions to begin with.

    how is your relationship with Kiff now? if i had screwed up so royally and embarrassed Bounce Pass and the school, i think i might make an effort to say i’m sorry and maybe joke around with the wolfman, “just to show everything was ok”. Has Kiff tried to mend fences with you after his attempted (and unprovoked) hit job on you blew up in his face??

    i also want to add your classy conduct during this fiasco was not unnoticed. you were unfairly attacked and when it was discovered you were in the right you never piled on or took any retaliatory shots at Kiff, although i think most in your position would have. well done.

  • Trojanfan

    WOW!!!…bucket is being contrite AND talking to himself at the same time, but bruinrod said that isn’t his best talent

  • Trojan Conquest

    What kind of Pro do you think Barkley will be?

  • Hard Way


    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. With regard to the non-Robey corner underperformance, has there been any talk of using Lee at the spot where he saw considerable action in high school? No doubt Lee is highly valuable at WR, and two way players are rare, but with the availability of Aghahlor, the oft-injured Farmer, Flornoy, and Blackwell at WR, a log jam at Tight End, and opposing defenses keying on our WRs to limiting our offensive effectiveness . . . etc., etc. USC has tried stranger things, such as Tank formation, which was more effective on short yardage and 2-point conversions than anything yet from the Kiffin braintrust. Thanks.