• Evil Robot

    “Sent an underling”. Seriously? Nice that you refer to the GA’s as “underlings”. I assume that you aren’t confused why the staff has absolutely zero respect for you.

    Also, you do realize that your Kiffin quote has nothing to do with your “no surprise” headline or your poor attempt at applying the transitive property to football, don’t you? Just because a coach makes a totally benign statement doesn’t mean that you can shoe horn it into any random “here’s why SC sucks even more” jab you’re trying to make.

    Keep up the mediocre work!

  • spedjones

    Uh, GAs are by definition underlings. You must have goed to SC! Haha, dopey ON!


    …with a comment how their importance to recruiting.

    Kiffin further that recruting will be very

    And he concluded by that it will be very crucial in the days

  • Of course, stars are unimportant when you’re just trying to survive…”stats?…stats?…..”

  • ^^^stats.