Recruiting Follow-Up

Interesting comment by Lane Kiffin today about USC “not nailing” recruiting the past five years. Kiffin also credited the Pac-12 coaches for the fact six teams are in the top 25 but made it clear he thought USC let too many players get away.
He even cited an unnamed player doing well Saturday for another Pac-12 school.
But he neglected to mention he saved three scholarships last season so if he really liked someone there was no problem signing them last February.
And if USC did not “nail” recruiting the past five years with top 5 classes, let’s say once again that the Kiffin regime barely spoke to Marqise Lee when he was at Serra for most of his junior year and then lucked out once they finally made a decision to take him because Lee simply wanted to go to USC.

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  • malachi crunch5

    Blah, blah, blah. Same shit, different package.

  • ThaiMex

    This is what happens when a Coach with “CHARACTER ISSUES” recruits and signs players with “CHARACTER ISSUES”. Every one of you QUEER RAH RAH’S on this site, JUMPS WITH JOY on LOI day, but for every ***** recruit you land, half of them end up like Markeith, or Baxter, or Tyler, or James Boyd. How about the ***** guy’s who don’t develop, or the guy’s (gifted athletes) who refuse to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM and help out in other positions in need? Those guys are CANCER.
    I hope Goat Boy and friends are around for LONG LONG TIME!
    fit on Torgan!

  • USConquer

    …and yet one more excuse from CLK as it is obvious he expects to lose some more games this season. BS.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey usconquer,dude!!!… you have got to be the biggest hypocrite on this blog, for being some great USC fan,you’re constantly talking shit about the players and coach…I think you might be a bruin troll in disguise

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner


    USConquer isn’t a bruin troll in disguise, he’s just a typical USC fan. Expecting 110% perfection and a national championship every season. Maybe not fair-weathered, but certainly unrealistic. Talks up the team all summer then absolutely smashes coaches and players when something goes wrong. He’s a cancer to the kids who play this sport. He’s part of what’s wrong with fans. Unfortunately, he’s not alone, USC thrives in finding those types of fans.

    Fight on!

  • Trojanfan

    That’s a blanket statement,I have to agree with some of it, but not all of it

    Fight on!

  • NJ Trojan

    As if Wolf or anybody else was praising Lee when Lee was at Serra. Everybody expected him to play S. I think a few commentor suggested Lee was a prima dona for wantint to play WR. Kiffin was the smart one. He saw the potential and gave the kid a chance.

  • ThaiMex

    assist to Scooter….How could i fail to recognize former ***** SUCks recruit, jesse SCroggins…
    Failure on!

  • Elroy_Jetson

    Yeah, poor ‘SC…too bad they don’t have any talent on that roster.

    Kiffin is so full of crap he’s going to float away.

  • USConquer

    Thanks Doc. I admit that I am sometimes unrealistic, but its because my expectations are high for the team, the coaching staff, and our fans and I simply want the best for Trojan football.

    But I don’t think I’m the cancer here. I never stray away from the fact that I was unhappy with CLK’s hire, but I’ve been more open to his hire after a solid season in 2011 and have even praised some of his decisions.

    If USC thrives in finding fans like me then good because ultimately I just want improved SC Football and more Natl Championships to boot.

    Fight ON!!!