The Top 25

Here is my ballot for the Associated Press college football poll:

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Florida State
4. Oregon
5. Georgia
6. South Carolina
7. Kansas State
8. Texas
9. Florida
10. Oregon State
11. Oklahoma
12. Ohio State
13. USC
14. Louisville
15. West Virginia
16. Notre Dame
17. Mississippi State
18. Clemson
19. Stanford
20. TCU
21. Northwestern
22. Ohio
23. Michigan
24. Cincinnati
25. Texas Tech

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  • LovetheCapper

    Scott, get cable so you can watch the Pac12 games. You look like an idiot. No Washington? You think Ohio is better than Washington? SERIOUS?

  • spedjones

    So UCLA has a single loss to your number 10 and theyre not ranked but SC has a single loss to your number 19 and they are not only number 11 but also 8 spots ahead of Furd? Interesting.



    UCLA lost AT HOME to the beavs (who were unranked at the time and had only beat a sorry ass Wisconsin team that is doing awful). People realize SC will wake up and explode soon. You want UCLA above or even near the Trojans? LOL!!

    dream on! 50-0

  • Scott, I completely respect your judgment on not putting the Bruins on your top-25, but Sped has a point. As for USC #13, well, it’s a good thing they didn’t play yesterday, had they played they would have dropped in the Polls again, maybe they shold just take the season off, they might end up in the top-13 at season’s end. LMAO

  • Gollum=Wolf

    Sorry, SpecialEd, where the Bald One has Sucla is the least of the problems with his poll. As usual, Gargamel, pathetic…keep up the sh!tty work.

  • steve49

    How can someone like WVU give up 63 points and get moved up? They squeaked by with 70.

  • Trojanfan

    Slowjones and bruin nob, only idiots would post how great the ruins are, on a USC site

    Post your opinions where someone might actually care to hear them

    troll on girls

    50-0 ouch!!!

  • oregon111

    Beavers have a good QB and a lot of feisty guys,

    beaver fans coming out of the woodwork in Portland after a long hibernation

    I think pac12 overall is far better than it has been for last 5 or 6 years

    outside of Alabama, SEC not so impressive

  • steve49

    ^Man, I have been saying that about the SEC for the last 5 years.