Answer Monday!

Time to answer more readers’ questions.

tom_floyd Author said:

What’s the latest with the Gavin Smith disappearance? I haven’t heard anything new for many weeks now. Very sad for Evan and his family.

A: There really has not been anything new in the past month or so. Gavin Smith is attending school and I saw him last week. I know his family is still searching but there’s been nothing to report recently.

Q: USC – 714 Author said:

Obviously (just like you did Boise St last year) you have voted LSU #1 in an attempt to be “different” or make yourself stand out. But just wondering if you have realized that your attempt to be different has also made you look like an idiot who knows nothing about football. Has this soaked in yet?

A: As a long-time poll voter I’m used to these types of comments. But I did switch to Alabama this week.

Q: 51Grad Author said:

Do the other college coaches (basketball, baseball, etc) have the same large egos as the football coaches?

A: I suppose it depends on the school because basketball is much bigger at other colleges. At USC, the football coach is so much more important that they can easily develop a large ego. In basketball, it tends to be self-induced, such as Henry Bibby’s strange behavior. Generally the basketball coaches at USC have smaller egos because their is less interest. Baseball is even less.

Q: Sam Gilbert Author Profile Page said:

Typical reasons for recruits in general not living up to potential include: lack of focus, poor work ethic, clashes with coaches, no opportunities available/offered, poor coaching decisions, over-hyped out of high school, over-shadowed by current teammates, scholastic issues, medical concerns etc.

Do any of these apply to George Farmer, do you ever see him getting playing time or transferring and how does he stack up against Nelson Agholor?

A: George Farmer’s primary problem is that he is bigger than the other receivers and it seems to have impacted his hamstrings, which are chronically injured. Also remember that Marqise Lee was primarily a defensive player at Serra so Farmer had the higher profile. Did that make him overhyped? I don’t know. Last year there were were glimpses but the primary issue has been his health and the ill-fated move to tailback.
He still might develop, especially when Lee and Robert Woods are no longer in the program.

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  • makano

    What a nimrod.

    Musculature has more to do with tight hamstrings than height. That is not my opinion, it is fact.

    That is why you seldom see a basketball player come down with a hamstring pull.

    On top of the musculature, there is the type of lifting that football players do vs. basketball players and the movements required in the sport.

    We already know that Wolfie doesn’t know football and now we also know that he doesn’t know jack about jack; except for being snarky and making assumptions based on being snarky, not even based on any kind of a good hypothesis…

  • Trojan Conquest

    In fairness to SW, he said “bigger”, not taller. I’m assuming he meant more muscle. Still, this is avoidable with the right strength & conditioning coach and training staff. Hire someone who’s trained with the Phoenix Suns training staff. They kept Nash healthy, resurrected Grant Hill’s career, and even Shaq said they helped him greatly.

  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    If you can’t take the heat, dont pack on the meat!

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^Where did you come from, did you fall out of the tree house.

    Bucket, is this guy a member?

  • usc50ucla0

    Soiled Frankie aka “Rerun” got game wit dem rainbow suspenders. He alone came up on the hood burger and with the royalties from “What’s Happening” he’s worth somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty-six dollahs.

    Rerun’s swoll ass head got shoe slapped by mamma soooo many times. Damn, you’d wonder why he’s even friends wit Roj. But, Roj knows how to “pack on the meat” if you know what I mean

  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    usc50, what are you flashing back to Major Dad? What on urf?

  • NJ Trojan

    Farmer is built like a TB. He should have siezed the opportunity last year. By the way the leader of Farmer’s hype was Wolf. Farmer might still live up to his potential he’s still a SO.