Scroggins Update


Former USC QB Jesse Scroggins completed 9 of 26 passes for 73 yards with two interceptions and was sacked five times in El Camino College’s 17-6 loss to Harbor.
Maybe El Camino was missing its center.

Stephen Carr/Daily Breeze

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  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    Kiffin can really mentor and coach up a QB.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^Where did this troll come from….must of been banned on some other sites


    Hate to see an SC product do poorly, but the Trojans have 75 scholarships, not 85 for the rest of the country, and Scroggins just did not pan out. It was good for both– SC was not going to play him, and now the kid gets a chance to show his stuff in a different program.

    Wish him the best

  • LovetheCapper

    This kid was a lazy dumb SOB. Had a great arm with no brains. Probably just took his time dropping back to get sacked that many times….or couldn’t remember his progressions. What an idiot. a 99%er.


    Seriously, Wolf & trolls, bashing a kid? As you sit behind a screen? Lol, I bet Scroggins loves being in shape and getting all the ass he wants unlike you dweebs lmaoo

  • Whatever happen to that idiot that used the name “Our75 is better than your 85”? I’m glad to see he finally came down from his Meth high.

  • Ben Factor

    Scott can be a bad boy.

    LovetheCapper is just plain black-hearted (for the uninitiated, that is not a racial remark).

  • Belle

    WOW that Francis guys takes are fresh and hard hitting. When he flexes he really is swoll. The Cadre is lucky to have such an ACE to close the door


  • USConquer

    Wow, love the capper, major DICK MOVE on your part. And why are you trying to act like your not part of the 99% and like that’s a bad thing?

  • LovetheCapper

    Bottom line: If the kid wasn’t LAZY and dumb, he wouldn’t have left…..or TOLD to leave. You know it, I know it.

  • ftfo2009

    Implying that coaching anyone will make them a great quarterback; go stab yourself in the retina.

  • Trojanfan

    Exactly….make it both retinas

  • Evil Robot

    Every time I think you can’t be any more spiteful and petty, you come up with something like this. The truth is Scroggins has done oaky, throwing for 4 TD, while splitting time, in his prior two games. This leads me to believe that you have been waiting out, checking the box scores and waiting for a former SC player to have a crappy game so that, out of the blue, you can post a story with the deliberate intention of embarrassing a guy who is just trying to jump start his career. Really going after the big game there Scott.

    If TJ Simers was a designer brand, you would be the low rent version they knock off and sell at Target. You should be proud of yourself. On your best day, you are a faded xerox copy of the guy who destroyed Allan Malamud’s legacy. To say that you are a joke is just flat out unfair to humor.

  • SLOTrojan

    What he said ^^^


    Evil. Robot.



  • gotroy22

    Unfortunately for Jesse this wasn’t his only bad game. On September 8th at Allan Hancock he went 10-33 for 110 yards and no touchdowns, no interceptions and 4 sacks as his team lost 33-20. So according to Mr. Roboto’s conspiracy theory, Scott could have written about Jesse a month ago.

  • Sam Gilbert

    There’s no reason for anyone to pick on Jesse Scroggins.

    He’s left so a scholarship opened up for hopefully a player who can contribute more. And I don’t recall him going around bashing the program after he left.

  • Evil Robot

    Go Troy 22, I think you’re missing my larger point, which is, whether it is week 2 or week 5, there isn’t really an appropriate time to run the “look how this guy’s dreams got crushed article”. In the past three weeks or so, Wolf has made a run at the GA’s, the walkons and a kid who got forced or failed out. It is just unnecessary cheap shots.

  • DiamondD

    Props to Harbor head coach Brett Peabody (Kiffin mold — younger guy/visor wearer)….been real effective at that program. Getting close to time for him to move up to one of the stronger JC programs around SoCal.

    Problem is, he’s more than willing to grind a playbook into the ground in a world where the spread/spread option offense is king (moreso than the D1 level), so wouldn’t also mind see him develop quality backs/linemen at a good local prep program.