Answer Tuesday! (Part 3)

In this segment, the Pac-12 Network battle with DirecTV is among the topics.

Q: gotroy22 said:
There is a raging controversy going on and we need your esteemed opinion as an unbiased observer. Directv seems to have no problem getting along with the Big 10 Network and offers 4 channels of games beginning at 9AM. The Pac 12 network only offers 2 channels and can’t come to an agreement with Directv. Who in your opinion is to blame for the Pac 12 Network- Directv kerfuffle?

A: I think they both deserve some blame but here is the main problem: DirecTV doesn’t feel like it need to carry the Pac-12 Network because there are plenty of people like me who don’t really care or don’t want to pay more. They can’t treat the Big Ten or SEC (if it had a channel) the same because the fans are more intense.
On top of that, the Pac-12 was a little overconfident that systems would simply breakdown and carry their channel. If the Pac-12 wanted it on every system, then it needed to be a little more creative than to tell DirecTV it could offer it on a pay-per-view tier.

Q: AbeSimpson said:
Now that we are two games into the season, do you have any more information about why Dennis Packer was fired? Any thoughts about his replacement? The new announcer was better at the Cal game, but most fans in my section think he’s quiet, dull, and unenthusiastic.

A: One member of the athletic dept. told me there were complaints about Packer. Personally, I think they just want to change things with the new regime in the athletic dept. I’ve found the new announcer to be solid. I don’t really want anyone flashy, just the information.

Q: arturo said:
Did Winning Forever result in Pete Carroll getting the call on the last play of the game and winning the Packers game?

A: Yes, it personified the Win Forever philosophy, which is to just show up and hope for the best or a miracle. Well, the Seahawks got one. Win Forever!

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  • Mike 70

    Wolf are you suggesting that while Carroll was at USC his teams just showed up and hoped for the best as you answer up above? Are you that stupid? We all know that you are. Sometimes it is better to look a fool rather than to open one’s mouth.

  • sobayquail

    You must see the humor in this, you don’t really take the answer seriously do you?

  • Trojanfan

    wolfman wrote:

    “Win Forever philosophy, which is to just show up and hope for the best or a miracle.”

    That’s exactly how we won 37 straight…lol

  • Gnossos

    That’s how Scooter writes his column and this blog…..he just shows up at his keyboard and hopes for the best.
    The only problem is that it rarely works……for him.

  • NJ Trojan

    The dude admits that he doesn’t care about watching P12 football. He’s a USC beat writer. How is this guy an AP voter? They should dump Wolf and invite Lev.

  • arturo

    Winning Forever philosophy was also how SC got put on probation and forfeitted 15 games and a BCS championship while the coach bailed on the program.

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