Answer Tuesday!

Back to those reader questions.

Q: SoCaLNative_1959 said:
Do you think Nick Saban would tolerate your crap for 1 second?

A: Maybe even three seconds. But who really knows? That’s sort of like asking if Alabama fans would tolerate some of Lane Kiffin’s decisions.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
How many times since Kiffin became head coach has he told the Trojan family that he misses and wants them to attend practice? This year at Salute to Troy and at the Palm Springs Trojan Club he made no such statement and there were no open practices this fall.

If he doesn’t want injuries reported then he can’t have the general public viewing practice either. Something doesn’t smell right.

He stated repeatedly the NCAA sanctions were the problem and now we find out he is “George Allen” paranoid. Was I lied to? Will I ever get to go to practice again? I would like to know how Mike Rae’s caddy feels about this duplicity. Lane is no Pete Carroll.

A: The practices were closed because of NCAA sanctions, according to USC. However, I would point that the NCAA recently told a reporter one aspect of its regulations for attending practice — talking to recruits — is not necessarily against its rules. So maybe it’s the same grey area when it comes to attending practice. But USC has tried to go overboard in many situations when it comes to compliance since the sanctions.

Q: marvgoux said:
Scott, you wrote that Matt Barkley believes he’s “managed the games tremendously well” this season and admitted “this is not a year for me to start complaining about stats or anything like that.”
Do you think Matt managed the Stanford game tremendously well and does Matt still think he deserves the Heisman?

A: I believe Lane Kiffin made the first comment. I would disagree with Kiffin because I think dealing with adversity is part of managing a game tremendously well. And the Stanford game was not managed well, especially by Kiffin. I don’t think Barkley ever thought he deserved the Heisman. I’m sure he would be the first to say that right now he has a lot of ground to make up.

Q: malachi crunch5 said:
what does it feel like to work in a dying industry?

A: It must not be dying or you wouldn’t slavishly ask questions every forum.


    Lol the Kifin burn in Q1 was pretty funny Vulfman

  • USC ’91

    Jesus Christ, numb nuts, do your freakin’ job for once.

    University of Southern California
    Public Infractions Report
    June 10, 2010
    Page 60


    20. The committee is troubled by the institution’s failure to regulate access to practices and facilities, including locker rooms. Therefore, for the period of probation, USC shall prohibit all non-institutional personnel, including representatives of the institution’s athletics interests (except media, family members and others approved by the compliance office on a case-by-case basis), from doing the following:
    a. Traveling on football and men’s basketball team charters;
    b. Attending football and men’s basketball team practices;
    c. Attending or participating in any way with institutional football and men’s basketball camps, including the donation of funds to the camps; and
    d. Having access to sidelines and locker rooms before, during and after football and men’s basketball games. Exceptions may be granted by the compliance office to prospective student-athletes and their families on official paid visits or unofficial visits. The exceptions must be stated in writing and issued by compliance personnel.

  • 51Grad

    Loved your answer about working in a dying industry.

  • Mike 70

    Wolf do his job as a creditable reporter? Please…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    “or you wouldn’t slavishly ask questions every forum”

    OOOOOOOOOOH!!! the wolfman body slams another couple of nabobs!!

    i think i saw a snot bubbles form on impact!!!

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    “slavishly ask questions every forum”!!! oh, wolfman, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!!


    I was so enjoying not hearing from the boring UGLY Bucket lately. But, as usual, UGLY hypocritically exalts with a Wolf retort.

    Heck, Wolf’s exclamations are right up there with:
    Make my day
    Quite frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn
    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
    But it was like–shaking hands (having sex)
    Open the bay doors, Hal. Hal…Hal
    Shane, shane, come back shane
    Yooooo rinty

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    Scott ate his yogurt this morning. Pfight on Scott!

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    Call me morbid Wolfbag. I like to watch things die. Good try though douche.