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USC is trying to find a cornerback opposite Nickell Robey. One player who has dropped in the depth chart Anthony Brown, who started the first two games.
“Anthony Brown needs to get back in form,” USC secondary coach Marvin Sanders said. “I don’t know if it was a dip in play or a dip in focus. He and I have talked about that.”
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  • NJ Trojan

    I don’t like the conference championship games. The Bruins I like the way it used to be. The Bruins really had no chance but can you imagine if they had actually bear Oregon last year? Would UCLA have then been the best team in the conference?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    NL Trojan,

    The answer is quite simply NO. That UCLA team finished 6-8 becoming the worst bowl team in NCAA history after losing to Illinois (who was on a 6-game losing streak) in the Mac N Cheese bowl. Oregon simply doesn’t show up and takes UCLA lightly and the Ducks fall.. that doesn’t make the bRuins a good team because in all likelihood they go to the Rose Bowl and get smashed by Russell Wilson, Montee Ball and the Wisconsin Badgers. That makes them lucky. Lucky the Ducks didn’t care enough to play them and lucky that SC (who beat them FIFTY TO ZERO) was banned from a bowl game.

    Luckily none of that happened and UCLA still sucks.

    Fight on!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! the wolfman is talking the lack of depth of Southern Cal DB’s in this post, not UCLA’s Pac 12 South Champeeenship!!!

    you trOXans remain TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA no matter the topic!!

    anyways, thanks for the gumball, wolfman!! now the Utah (or as they are known by BYU: the Infidels from the North) gunslinger QB will be picking on Tony “No Focus” Brown all day!!!! uh-oh, speghettio!!!!!

    keep oooooooooooon scoooopin’, wolfman!!!!!


  • spedjones

    wait, can someone tell me what and when SC’s last bowl game was? HAHA – CHEAT ON!


    wait, since these comments are on the topic of UCLA and bowl games, can someone tell me what and when UCLA’s last bowl game WIN was? HAHA – losers


    Ps. For the record, USC’s last bowl win was 3 consecutive Rose Bowls (Michigan, Illinois, Penn State). OH wait, it was Barkley’s freshman year beating Boston College in San Fran. My bad. Back to UCLA…….. (50-0)