Answer Wednesday!

Finally finishing up the Open Forum.

Q: Revenge of Charlie Bucket said:
wolfman, many observers, including the Cadre, opined that the wolf-Gate distraction directly contributed to the debacle at Stanford, and possibly cost the trOXans a shot at the BCS champeenship.

of course that was all on Kiff, and as is turns out he misconstrued your alleged actions to begin with.

how is your relationship with Kiff now? if i had screwed up so royally and embarrassed Bounce Pass and the school, i think i might make an effort to say i’m sorry and maybe joke around with the wolfman, “just to show everything was ok”. Has Kiff tried to mend fences with you after his attempted (and unprovoked) hit job on you blew up in his face??

i also want to add your classy conduct during this fiasco was not unnoticed. you were unfairly attacked and when it was discovered you were in the right you never piled on or took any retaliatory shots at Kiff, although i think most in your position would have. well done.

A: My relationship with Lane Kiffin is unchanged. He did make a public apology after practice that some of you probably saw on video. We have not had a 1-on-1 conversation regarding the incident. I did not try to speak to him about it because I felt like the matter was over. Since then, some news organizations (including the Daily News) decided to no longer attend practices so they do not need to conceal injuries they see on the field. I actually prefer this new system because it relieves the burden to hide news.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
What kind of Pro do you think Barkley will be?

A: This is always a tough question especially when you see how many rookie QBs play in the NFL. Who thought Russell Wilson would be starting a year ago?
I think Matt Barkley’s character and leadership are going to serve him well in the NFL. He is going to need to improve his arm strength and decision making at the next level. These are the things that will control his career, I believe. What I think is unfair is comparisons to Andrew Luck. Lane Kiffin did it last year and I do not believe he is in Luck’s category. But that doesn’t mean he cannot be a successful pro.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    If you look at many of the successful new QBs in the NFL, most are very athletic. Newton, RG3, Luck, Wilson. Besides not being very mobile, Barkley isn’t very tall. Some reports are predicting that he won’t measure over 6’1″. He’s going to have to finish strong this year, with improved downfield passing, to stay a high first round pick.

  • spedjones

    Forget Luck, Barkely’s currently ranked 5th in the PAC as a QB. So much for unfinished business:

    Oh, yeah, you need to go to page 2 to find Mr. Pick 6. Brett Hundley, on the other hand, a RS Freshman, is on page 1.

    SUC on!

  • bestlakersfan

    You know you faggot ass pussies need to get the fuck off the USC site. Go get a life and follow you bitch ass teams and keep your shit covered dicks off SC sites. How fucking lame can you be to come on here and talk shit? If you are a fucking man do it in real life, you pussy pencil-dicked fat ass fags.


    Taste it….you will always taste it. Fucking faggots.

  • BoscoH

    I think Bucket just got the answer of the year out of Scott. We don’t need Yoda to tell us there is a deep disturbance in the force. Kiffin picked the wrong fight.

  • makano

    When I first saw Barkley up close, I remarked to a friend that he is a “better Booty.” My opinion has not changed.

    Neither was very mobile, although Booty could sprint out better than Barkley.

    Barkley makes throws that Booty couldn’t because Booty, while stronger-armed, could only throw the ball on a line, a rope and struggle with both touch passes and the deep ball.

    Barkley will be a good “manager” in the pros. Likely a back-up, possible starter for the right team with the right system.

    He’s a great young man of the highest character and he’s a really good college QB; but he does not possess the measurables to be a franchise level QB in the NFL.

    None of the USC QB’s in the NFL have either although Carson Palmer has had some success.

  • Big Daddy Hackett

    @bestlakersfan, wow, a bit homophobic. I guess Spedjones touched a nerve with you. But the stats are true.

    Barkley is not having the year that was promised by himself and his coaches. In fact, USC spent a large sum of $$$ to promote his Heisman campaign all over the country. Now, now Heisman and no BCS Championship.

    Barkley’s Unfinished Business = 0-4 vs. Stanford, 0 Rose Bowls, 0 BCS Titles, 0 Pac-10 Titles, 1 Emerald Nut Bowl win.


    The UGLY Bucket’s fawning over Wolf is pitiful. Why don’t you just buy Wolf an engagement ring, UGLY?

    Wolf was never an athlete in high school or college, so he is at a disadvantage as far as truly knowing what an athlete feels like, goes through, and the difficulties he has.

    And I just bet Wolf’s relationship with Kiff is unchanged. As in, we never had much going on between us, and that is not going to change.

    So much for “Inside” USC.

  • LovetheCapper

    SC can’t wait to get your @$$ out of here.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i submit that it is undisputed that Barkley has had more good nicknames than any other football player…EVER!!!

    Lil’ Pete
    The Cherub
    Fatt Matt
    and of course the best of them all: PIOUS PASSER!!!

    but, Makano, you may have taken the cake with “Better Booty”!!!!

    and with Pious tanking it this year, “Better Booty” may be the most apt!!!!!

    Makano, congrats on a most auspicious debut!!!! i’m sending you two free passes to tonights Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ!!!

    (fyi ignore any weirdoes who will accuse you of being an incognito sports reporter)

  • USC – 714

    Well, isnt this just humorous and at the same time entertaining.

    Lets just give credit where credit is due. Plain and simple, USC has 4 quarterbacks that are presently playing in the NFL (Palmer, Cassel, Leinart, Sanchez), can anybody name another college who presently has 4 QB’s in the NFL? Didnt think so (ok Bruin trolls, here’s your cue, after reading this we all know you’re gonna now do hours of research praying you find evidence to prove me wrong. Ready…set…GO)

    Good Luck!

    Oh and btw, does UCLA even have a single QB on an NFL roster? I cant think of one lol. And no Matt Moore doesnt count.

    And Charlie Bucket, why do you accuse so many of being “queer” and use it as an insult when you yourself are gay, I mean truly a gay person, (you know you are.) Seems a little hypocritical to me.

  • spedjones

    LOL at anyone counting Leinart as an NFL QB. Ditto for Cassel and Sanchez by the end of the year.

    In any event, none of that has anything to do with Pick 6 Barfly, the 5th ranked QB in the PAC.

  • USC – 714

    hey “Spedjones”…so you dont think being in the NFL is a big deal? Well why dont you tell that to the many other QB’s from other colleges who couldnt make it into the league, and are working behind a desk selling insurance. Get a clue buddy.

    Oh btw, try naming a UCLA QB who is presently on an NFL roster before coming down here and talking shit lol

    Another thing worth laughing at was your idiotic predictions on George Farmers future HAHAHAHA

  • ftfo2009

    There are 32 starting NFL quarterbacks. 3 of them are USC alums. How many are UCLA alums? Laugh at their performance all you want, we still have (just under) 10% of NFL quarterbacks from our school – which is a decent number considering how many colleges there are. Also, you have 0 quarterbacks who finished a full season in the nfl this millennium. Enjoy!

  • marvgoux

    By LJ’s logic no reporter could adequately cover the war unless they were a combat veteran and no reporter could cover the presidential race unless they had previously ran for president.

  • spedjones

    I love that you think that I’m wrong on Farmer just because an entire week has gone by with no movement.

    And again, all the QB’s in the league don’t change the fact that Hundley is ranked higher than Barfly, who’s only the 5th best QB in the PAC.