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It looked like Utah might be a trap game before the season. But the Utes are 2-2 so is it?
Do the Trojans have less pressure than they did before the Stanford game?
“I don’t think at ‘SC you’re ever really off the radar,” USC coach Lane Kiffin said.
Link here.

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  • ThaiMex

    Wonder how Mr. “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” is going to do? Utah defensive line is gonna be in his PLUMP PINK face all day long. Utah will adjust at half….So Cal will continue with it’s stubborn JACKASS approach, and will try to hang on till the end. UTAH could bring PAIN and leave RAH RAH’S (incl. Granny Holtz) crying as SUCks tumbles out of the top 25. Following the LOSS, Goat Boy, starts the full court press, recruiting more wide receivers!
    fit on Torgan!


    Wow 5:50am and CRYMEX is already trolling the SC board. What a life!


  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    CryMexican trolls hard. Dude is on a hustle. I guess I respect her game?

    Hey Cry, you just worry about your big brothers up in the bay figuring things out this weekend and putting their gutty little brother to sleep…

  • spedjones

    oh boy, here we go. Lane setting up the excuse in advance, just in case… “Everybody plays us so hard. It’s like a bowl game for them.” Sure…

  • ftfo2009

    I guess it still qualifies as an excuse when it’s true.

    It’s also the reason why we never rush the field after a win. We didn’t when I went there, and we won’t if (when?) we beat Oregon. The point, in case you can’t read between the fucking lines, is that we expect to win every week. Yeah, we expected to beat Stanford. But we also expected to you last year. And we’ll expect to beat your ass again this year. Whether it happens or not, we’ll still believe we’ll win until it happens. You can call it arrogance or whatever recycled insult you want to regurgitate here, but the truth is it’s because, unlike UCLA fans, we haven’t had that hope and belief beaten out of us.

    tl;dr. Go stab yourself with a rusty fork.

  • lbc trojan

    I believe USC is going to the national championship. An early road loss (similar to Tebow’s Florida team that lost at home to Ole Miss in ’08 yet made it to the BCS) in September to a ranked team that has been to 2 straight BCS games will be forgivable when we look back in late November. Harbaugh developed an identity of pounding the ball and playing tough D over at the Farm and theyve obviously continued that (despite not showing it against udub on a Thursday following beating USC).

    I think its safe to say that USC will be playing under a lot less pressure throughout the remainder of the season now that they have a loss. They wont be worrying about the attention heaped upon them by the national media, which always happens to an undefeated (especially USC) team and playing big games in November won’t be so daunting. Theres no question in my mind that if USC wins out, they play Alabama for the crystal ball.

    For whatever reason Kiffin doesnt like opening up much of the playbook too early, but I believe he will begin to soon. Once this Trojan team gets rolling like they inevitably will given the talent on this roster, its gonna be tough to be them. Defensively theyre playing better than most SC fans expected them to. Offensively, they havent even begun to show what they can do late in the year in big contests against Oregon and Notre Dame.

    Win out, which is no easy task but certainly possible, and SC is in South Beach to play the Crimson Tide. But like the team says one game at a time.

    Beat the Utes!

  • Big Daddy Hackett

    Kiffin’s Excuse List:

    1. EVERY TEAM PLAYS US HARDER THAN OTHER OPPONENTS.”I always talk about the ‘SC factor when we play teams,” Kiffin said. “We’re the biggest game of the year (for the other team). Kiffin even referred to this as a “Super Bowl” for Utah.
    2. WE DON’T HAVE A CORNERBACK. Kiffin has said the Cornerback position makes him “nervous” USC does not have a reliable starter yet to play opposite Nickell Robey.
    4. THEY SURPRISED US WITH A NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN DEFENSE. Kiffin said this week Utah used an entirely new defense at the start of last year’s game, so he expects more surprises tonight.

    Like an experienced used-car salesman, Kiffin is setting up the excuses just like dominoes. At the press conference he’ll add a few more, and even throw players under the bus. But he will never acknowledge any coaching deficiencies.

  • ftfo2009

    I seem to remember after every game Kiffin saying “I need to do a better job.” But why don’t you go ahead and Fox News that right out of the quote department.

  • Ibc trojan

    I also believe I am going to get collect on that million dollar Nigerian Lottery ticket I bought for only $2,000.000 on the internet.

  • lbc trojan

    ^Why couldn’t you just say that with your own username? Why take mine? Pretty witty and original of you. Never seen that on this blog before -____-

  • NJ Trojan

    @ftfo2009: ND 1996 & UCLA 1999 back during the Wilderness Years…

  • ftfo2009

    lol, one of the few stats you can’t find on espn. Thanks nj.

  • spedjones

    actually, if Utah has a super bowl, it’s BYU. In conference, it would be Oregon, the best team in the PAC for several years running. Then Stanford. Then perhaps SC. As for Stanford, their super bowl would definitely be North Division rival Oregon. Then Cal. Then the team they’ve beaten for Barkely’s entire career – SUC.

  • ftfo2009

    You really think that Stanford’s biggest annual game is Oregon? Not the game nicknamed “The Big Game”? It’s name is literally, The Big Game. They fucking named it to make it easier for fucktards like you, and you still fucked it up. Congrats. Your point, and your whole argument, and your entire life and everything you’ve done is invalid. Go kill yourself. The human race would be better off without you.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey slojones, have you finished digging that hole yet?….What is taking so long?….stay away from Cadre HQ(bruin rob’s tree house)that jock sniffing stuff will kill you

    Troll on dude, you’re doing a good job at it…..idiot


    Well, fifo, I don’t recall the ‘rush the field’ moment after SC’s 1996 ND victory, but after 13 years of not having beaten them I can only imagine the pent up emotions that had to have exploded with even the laid back L.A. crowd.

    As for 1999, and beating uckla after 8 years, I was there. It was not a particularly great Trojan game, but they won. My nephew said it was the greatest game he had ever seen, but I think it was because the SC faithful broke through the police/security guard barricades, and filled the field at the end.,

    Same was true at the Rose Bowl in 2006 when uckla beat the national champions to be SC, 13-9 after 7 straight losing years. The crowd wanted so badly to rush the field, but the Pasadena police force was at Gestapo intensity and prevented it.

    Too bad. Would you have blamed the brewins for such a display of emotion?

  • ftfo2009

    My sister (ucla grad) was in the ucla student section and said they tear gassed them in the middle of the fourth quarter. lol pasadena police.

    But my point was that when you go into a game expecting a win, you don’t rush the field.