Play Of The Day

Who will be drafted higher in the 2013 NFL Draft? Here’s what Bovada is offering on that question:
Geno Smith -140 (5/7)
Matt Barkley Even (1/1)

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  • JustanSCfan

    Sort of new to this blog but is Scott a degenerate gambler? What is so venerable about the GoldSheet and I only ask because it appears that he is too che… frugal to switch cable carriers so he get the PAC-12 network but yet he appears up to date on the spread/line/odds which he passes off as “inside usc” info.

  • BiII

    None of you pathetic people know how to gamble and win. The person you repeatedly lose your money to is me. I become even more rich than I already am due to all of your poor gambling decisions.


  • dtksr1

    Scott, why do you waist our time with questions like this when it isn’t even halfway through the season yet. You expect questions like this from ESPN. Come on…

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Seriously, Bill? Is this guy even a person? Is it a robot typing? WTF is wrong with you?

    GET A LIFE!!!

  • BiII

    You do not talk to me that way. My life is plentiful and I spend my time enjoying my riches, something you would not comprehend. Know your place beneath me and show respect.


  • ThaiMex

    Looks like Mr. “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” stock is dropping as fast as SUCks reputation! Where the hell are you guys anyway? I suppose it is really true about LIMBO U….There’s only ONE WAY to go…and that’s LOWER!
    Thank god at least the “daily Torgan” is still on your side!
    fit on torgan!…..The #1 ranked J.C. on Figueroa!

  • Bill, get the F out of here, you loser!!


    You think Bill, Bruin Rob, and ThaiMex aka UGLY Bucket are typical bruins?– Come on, true Bruins are either students studying their heads off, or bread-winners working their tails off.

    The above nincompoops probably are either unemployed or under-employed, and think they are world-class ‘insult-artists.’

    The fact of the matter is that actions speak louder than words. Hey, say all you want about the Trojans, but the school has won 11 football national championships.

    End of argument.

  • Trojanfan

    Bill lives in a box with one good right arm and the walls are all white….ouch!!!

  • ThaiMex

    50-0,…11 (MYTHICAL) Championships? hmmmm, Larry smith arrives in 87′, inheriting a loaded roster, goes 8-4, 10-2 (incl. a 50 rout of Az. St.), and 8-4-1 in 1990. FOUR Years after arriving, he’s EXPOSED and in 1991 goes 3-8 (incl, a loss to Az. St. 25-32). One year later (1992), “arrivederci larry”, after going 6-5-1.
    “Its like Deja Vu all over again”.
    Goat Boy gets totally EXPOSED next year. If you like TRAIN WRECKS, you won’t be disappointed.
    fit on torgan! …The #1 ranked J.C. on Figueroa!