Post-Game From Salt Lake City

Lane Kiffin said after the game that center Khaled Holmes apologized in the locker room for his poor snaps and holding penalty. Quarterback Matt Barkley said he did not criticize Holmes for the mistakes.
“I was not angry at Khaled,” Barkley said. “He’s my best friend.”

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  • Ben Factor

    MB could so easily have laid into quite a few of his offensive teammates at one point or another. It was very frustrating, I’m sure.

    MB does have a kindly restraint and empathy (something I could use more of) that is characteristic of a material segment of religious people. Those USC players who want to play on Sunday are going to long for his attitude. It’s not that common among the highly capable.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl



    Another nice comeback game by Barks.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    LJ: yup!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Holding Penalty … #92 was held every play after he blew up Barney/Holmes in the first minutes of the game. Utah was homered at home, that flea flicker penalty was horrible. Goat’s big bad #1 team stuggled with a 2-3 bad Utah team that couldnt tackle and lost to ASU by 5 tds. What is going to happen when Goats sloppy team plays a decent team.

  • steve49

    ^ Same question gets asked about every team. The answer is that they should play up to their ability and beat the opponent. Okay?

  • ftfo2009


  • The Pac-12 Refs were obviously following instructions from the greedy Pac=12 “protect the team that more likely to make us money by appearing in a BCS game, at all costs!”. USC got all the big calls. That Tutuleilei was held all night, on every play, and that “illegal man downfield on that touchdown by Utah was ridiculous. As I’ve always said, P**k the Pac-12 refs, the most corrupted officials of any college conference.


    If it wasn’t obvious before that “Goatboy Kiffin” is a bRuin troll, it sure is now. Defending nothing going Utah’s way? LOL. At least do like ya did before when you acted like you were upset that Kiff was ruining YOUR team, the Trojans. Doofus.

    Troll on though!!


  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i, like most Heisman voters, stopped watching this mess in disgust after the first few minutes…so i see Southern Cal won. it was of no consequence.

    and i see some are alleging Better Booty’s first career comeback win!!! clearly they have been brutally scathed by the wolfman’s assertion that Better Booty has never led a comeback win. i could see how that amazing statistic stings mightily.

    but sorry, “comeback wins” don’t apply to overcoming the games first score. otherwise, for instance, every time a opponent opens the game with a field goal and then you score the next 77 points, THAT would be a “comeback win”. no, Better Booty is still without a comeback win, or a signature win, for that matter.

    well, i reckon Better Booty’ll have a few more chances to do it (chortle).

  • ftfo2009

    I see, so a comeback win is only a comeback win if USC isn’t involved. Thanks for clarifying how fucked up your mind is.

  • Ram-Man Kiffin

    Utah and their penalties… but what can you expect when opposing teams quake with fear as we take the field? Even #92 was neutralized — neutered, even. Utah paid a price for their lack of discipline, exacted quite properly by the refs. My big bad #1 team toyed with, and ultimately drove a dagger through the heart of, the might Utes who once dominated the Great Basin. Even when we finally play a truly fearsome opponent, look for the EXCELLENCE to continue.

  • Ram-Man, puhleeeeze! put down that pipe boy, if not for an inept CB #4 having butter fingers in that pick that Barkley put in his hands, USC doesn’t score that T.D…that illegal man downfield was a ridiculous call…that is already 14 points difference…that pick by Robby was a gift. USC is simply NOT very good, and the sooner you admit this, the sooner you will better off. LMAO

  • ftfo2009

    “the sooner you will better off”
    lrn 2 grammar fgt

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    In a recent issue of Conspiracy Theorist Digest, fuax Dr. Charles Bucket III outlned USC’s continuing attempt to fool the public into believing it is a national power. Mindless fans continue to foster, nurture and promote its cause. Only the truly informed are intelligent enough to understand the conspiracy.

    Join me, the faithful, the informed, the brilliant alien life form from OpenBooty in blowing the cover on this conspiracy. WE ARE THE 99!!!

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    MB7 brings the team back from behind to win the game.

    Where’s Charlie Trashcan? I feel like kicking something…

  • Trojanfan

    How about a big FUCK YOU to Bucket, Slojones, Goatgirl, Bruinnob,Bill and to all the other trolls i missed

    PS….Buckets new title is “HEAD JOCK SNIFFER”….he told me all the girls of the cadre are now doing it… got to love the aroma!

  • steve49

    bucket, like most democrats you are blind to the truth. he gave you what you have been beating him down about, now suck it up like a man and admit it.

  • oregon111

    the season is coming unravled…
    so many bad plays…

    Lee is carrying the team,

    all you have to do is dbl cover Lee, and then USC has no offense

  • steve49

    ya right.
    We don’t throw to Woods, Telfer, and others?
    We don’t run the ball?
    Please Oregon, triple cover Lee, shut him down. Everyone else scores.