The Hammer

You probably saw a USC player taking the field against Utah with a sledge hammer. This is a Fresno State tradition brought to USC by special teams coach John Baxter and goes to the player who makes the biggest play in the previous game.
So now USC follows Fresno State? And here it seemed things were bad enough following Chip Kelly all the time (morning practices, no injury updates, bright shoes).
What happened to USC-established traditions? Like black shoes, white socks . . .

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  • BearPuss

    What happened to DECENT FUC*KING WRITERS?

  • BearPuss

    Ahhhhhhhhh. Sorry, Scott. I’m just pissed. Watching my bruins get punished by Cal. Total BEARPUSS. I thought we were past this pansy-nancy FLIRTBALL. UUUGGGGH!!!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    lol @ ucla



  • Trojanfan

    Really wolfman!!!….Sorry dude, but you’re a fuckin idiot and need to quit writing about USC football….I’M dead serious, your fuckin BS needs to stop……You’ve turned into a very vendictive person….It promotes a bad culture on this blog

  • Trojanfan

    Looks like the real Bruins have finally showed up

  • Gollum=Wolf

    How bout that hammer leveled on Bruin Slob/Bill/Bucket/Slope Spic/Special Ed’s team tonight? Jim Lessa = Mora the same…troll on, losers.

  • Trojanfan

    What’s the excuse this week, Bruin trolls

    Come on bucket, try to deflect the truth that the Bruins are frauds…..idiot

  • sureshot

    So ucla was destroyed by the other public California university in the Pac-12… it’s okay. They are a Juggernaut, right bruin fans? Oh wait, ucla peeps told us the Berkley Bears were terrible and SC was terrible for only beating them by nearly 20 points.

    It looks like Mora the same losing for you guys. Hope you sleep well. I know that when SC does suffer the uncharacteristic loss I lose sleep, but I expect bruin fans are sooooooo used to it, it probably doesn’t phase them.



    I see this as a turning point for both schools. USC is in the process of reverting to the last half of last season, while UCLA is doing the same!

  • Belle

    Brett is still better than Matt. No question. Hands down. And I’m being very serious. I don’t care if he cried for 3 hours when Mean & Nasty Mora made the announcement.

    Basketball season is just around the corner… that’s a real sport you idiots


  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^^no one cares, run along, you’re a idiot


    is this anything like the Bruins’ tradition of being in 8th place of the PAC12?

  • Trojan Conquest

    This is a BAXTER thing, not a Fresno State thing! Seriously who gives a frack about black shoes and white socks. I’m all for tradition, but Wolf would have been against putting a decal of a Trojan on the helmet. I’m curious, what was his take when Pete Carroll changed the jerseys to have a single shoulder stripe instead of arm stripes in I think 2002?

  • Trojan Forever

    Man, what a year. we are out of the BCS chase, Heisman is bust and our tradition is thrown into the trashbin.

    Why even bother anymore.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Where’s bill? bucket? CryMex? spedjanes? count? Yoda? any bRuins..? LMFAOOOOO


    I know how the bruins are feeling this morning, because I had the same feeling after SC lost to Stanford. In fact I had that feeling for several days.

    So count me out to rub it in with the bruins, except to say that maybe the ucla vermin on this blog will shut up for a day or too.

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  • malachi crunch5

    One tradition holds firm…Wolfbag is still an idiot.

  • Gnossos

    go go, it would be nice if you gave credit to Peter.

  • NJ Trojan

    Soccer fans at the World Cup in 2002 were chanting that “Ohh oh oh oh ohh oh” Seven Nation Army song from White Stripes long before USC. And the first college to pick it up was Penn State. And I wonder which program started doing the “WE ARE… thing 1st… Penn St or USC? The Victory bell wasn’t the 1st trophy to be awarded in a rivalry game was it? How many teams put stickers on their helmets? OH st wasn’t the 1st. Who cares?

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    When Oregon State and Cal are sanctioned for NCAA violations and must vacate their victories, the proud Bruins will once again be on top of the football world. These are only minor setbacks for the meanest and nastiest team in college football lead by future Hall of Famer Jim Mora. Next, we have Utah. TrOJans struggled against the Utes. Bruins WILL NOT!!! Mora will unveil the force and you will be in awe of its power and speed. You will ask yourself ‘are these really 3* athletes? Wait till Mora gets our 5*s’

    Patience my Bruin faithful. The dynasty is coming. The monopoly is over. We are the MEAN. We are the NASTY.

  • Bill

    Just a small hiccup in the road; Cal got lucky! Just have to win out and we are playing Oregon in the championship game once again!

    All that hype and you still haven’t cracked the Top 10! Is this the unfinished business that Barkles the Clown came back for?

    Mediocrity On!

  • Bill

    So lame! Start your own traditions!
    * How about the Golf Cart Award for best conversation with an agent for the week?
    * Or, black gloves to the player displaying the most “killer instinct”?

  • Bruin Rob is my idol

    Bruins had to ‘pay the bill’ for past indiscretions. Our ‘BILL’ is paid and we will roll on to future success.

  • steve49

    I am not sure what they said, but they keep coming out of the walls, bruin rodents.

  • oregon111

    I seen it where Oregon is predicted to go to NC & Oregon St is going to Rose bowl…

    is that possible???

    what if Oregon does win out & win pac12 champ game & goes to NC?

    then how is Rose Bowl rep chosen?

  • DT-89

    Have to disagree with Scott’s broadside, as the hammer sounds like more of a John Baxter tradition, than a Fresno State tradition, doesn’t it? And it sure doesn’t seem as though Kiffin needs the example of Chip Kelly to restrict public access to injury reports.

    But I’m all on board about the new shoes. My gosh, they are awful.

    Isn’t there some sensible middle ground between upholding proud but somewhat stuffy traditions … and trying to appeal to the style preferences of teenagers in order to let them know we value their input?

  • NJ Trojan

    @oregon111: Nothing changes until 2014. If OR wins out and finshes #1, Rose will get first pick from eligible at large teams. If they finish #2 thhe Rose picks 2nd.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Honestly, it seems like Wolf is mad at the program and at his readership this year. Aside from his constant carping about silly stuff like this hammer business, the clearest evidence of his anti-reader grudge is the complete absence this year of a hot (or at least reasonably good-looking) young female “student journalist” to co-host weekly videos.

    Now THAT was a tradition worth preserving.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey oregon, you’re getting way ahead of yourself, reel it back in and enjoy the moment