The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll:

1. Alabama
2. South Carolina
3. West Virginia
4. Oregon
5. Kansas State
6. Florida
7. Ohio State
8. Oklahoma
9. LSU
10. Florida State
11. Georgia
12. Oregon State
13. USC
14. Notre Dame
15. Texas
16. Louisville
17. Mississippi State
18. Clemson
19. Stanford
20. Ohio
21. Michigan
22. Cincinnati
23. North Carolina State
24. Rutgers
25. Boise State

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  • steve49

    Still got a ways to go there Wolf. Ohio St? USC, ND, Oregon? What were you watching all weekend? Suprised you still didn’t have Nebraska in top 10.

  • LovetheCapper

    Oregon #4? You are a tool. Michigan? 2 losses?
    Your right to vote should be yanked. NO, better yet, you should resign like Kiff did. At least he was man enough.

  • USC – 714

    My favorite is Ohio at #20

  • marvgoux

    Can you believe the voters had the Beavs jump us? Talk about no respect.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    WHAT!!! Florida State lost to a PATHETIC NC State!!!!! Ahead of USC?!?!? LOL!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    It’s really a good thing idiot AP voters like you aren’t part of the BCS formula. I’d rather biased coaches who actually know something screw us instead.

    Eat a dick Wolf!

  • LovetheCapper

    Owns, that no big deal. He’s eaten pleanty of them.

  • Trojanfan

    USA Today poll has us at #9

  • oregon111

    right now, its Bubba no 1, Oregon no. 2 (because neither of them tripped – or even had a close game)

    and then its “prove it” for the next group,

    most of those up there will self-destruct,

    south carolina is pretty scary right now, WV is this years version of last years’ Oklahoma State

  • Belle

    Oh that’s a dance I wanna see

    Bubba vs Daffy
    built for the Cartoon Network, idiot
    You’ll see ‘bama vs Bruins – that’s a battle