Answer Monday!

In this segment questions include how this year’s team stacks up to some of Pete Carroll’s teams.

Q: ThrowAwayAccount#11 said:
Since when did catching a TD pass become the gold standard of concussion tests? Also, please do not answer if it means you may lose access to practice.

A: I assume you are referring to Robert Woods. Everyone knows he passed the sideline tests at the game. My question to Lane Kiffin on Sunday was if Woods had to undergo any hospital exams when he returned to Los Angeles. Kiffin said “they checked him out” but did not really elaborate on whether the tests were at a hospital or if USC doctors simply tested him again at the airport.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
Is the O-Line the biggest disappointment this year?

A: It’s had its problems, obviously, whether it’s the run blocking or the problems dealing with Stanford’s defense. I still think the offense in general is a disappointment. The failure to get the ball consistently to Robert Woods, Matt Barkley’s inconsistent play and the way Lane Kiffin seems to often react more than act offensively are the biggest disappointments for me.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
By my count 63 Trojans played at Utah. Please tell us which of the following 10 players did not make the trip to Utah:


A: I’m not sure who made the trip. Javorius Allen did not go to Utah because of a death in his family. I don’t think John Manoogian went either. Alex Wood did make the trip. Victor Blackwell was expected to go. I’m not sure about the others.

Q: spedjones said:
Scott – although I’m a bruin, and thus smarter than most posters here, I’m also able to admit that SC is a good team. That said, the team that’s falling behind early to Utah isn’t a juggernaut by any stretch. What’s the difference between this year’s team and the great teams of Pete’s past?

A: This is the type of question that could be answer several different ways. The easiest answer would be to say it is still too early to tell whether or not this can be a great team.
I think one issue through five games is that this team has not yet put a full game together.
Pete Carroll told me when he faced inferior opponents, he was eager to see if his team could win big because it meant it played all four quarters and said something about the mental makeup of his team. That aspect has not been apparent in USC’s first five games.
It could still happen but it hasn’t yet. And I think what is surprising is that it didn’t happen already with the experience USC has at key positions.

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Lets face it, not one game so far, even Stanford, should have even been close. USC has three 1st rd draft picks at the skill positions, it’s O-line has been so-so but play calling could help with that and there’s the problem, COACH NARCISSIST AND HIS CHEESECAKE FACTORY SIZED PLAY CARD THAT MUST ONLY CONTAIN 5 FREAKING PLAYS AND HIS INABILITY TO MAKE ADJUSTMENTS IN GAME OR AT THE HALF !!!!!!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey spedjones, get a life dude, does trolling a Trojan site make you feel better about your pathetic Bruins

  • scsyco

    Wonder what bRuins have to say after losing to Cal

  • Fart 0330

    Why dont you ever answer my questions about farts and farting. It is very dissapointing and disrespectful.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    This site advertised to elemtary schools? Who are these children!?

  • malachi crunch5

    I agree with 0330

  • NJ Trojan

    I sure wouldn’t take advice from Wolf on how to do my job but wouldn’t it make sense for him to know who is available to play for the team he’s covering? He is a beat writer not a columnist, right? I wonder if Lev & Klien knew who made the trip?

  • arturo

    Who cares who made the trip? More important is who played. Shouldn’t that be recorded in the official team stats?

  • NJ Trojan

    @arturo: Who starts, who has stats, and who plays without stats are recorded. Who is available is not. I like to know who’s available because teams are limited to just 70 players when they travel in the P12. But you’re right that who plays is much, much more important.