Answer Monday! (Part 2)

Does Lane Kiffin need someone to help him call plays? That’s a question in this segment.

Q: ECONSC said:
Is there anyone in the Box to “assist” Lane with play calling?

A: Quarterbacks coach Clay Helton is in the pressbox but he’s really just relaying down and distance and Kiffin is making the decisions by himself. It would be nice to have someone advising upstairs or even better calling the plays.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
I already asked my 1 question, but please allow me to help clarify a question. Which, if any, of the following 11 players do you think is more likely than not to declare for the NFL draft and retain an agent in 2013:

Woods, Robert

A: Right now I would say Nickell Robey because he probably doesn’t want to come back for another season if teams are not going to throw at him.

Q: BoscoH said:
Scott, pick one: Keyshawn, Mike Williams, Marqise Lee, Robert Woods.

A: In terms of just college football performance, right now I would go with Mike Williams because of the way he could dominate a guy by himself. There were games (like UCLA) where the game plan was to throw at him over and over and the defense was helpless.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    GOATBOY! We need your input! Hurry!!!


  • Trojanfan

    Bucket just took goatboy up to the tree house and on the way up he had a big grin on his face….OUCH!!!!!

  • Mike 70

    not hearing too much from all the Bucket aliases and CerritosLob after the Cal game…

  • QueenKiff

    Is this a press box catch-22? Kiff will deeply resent anyone able be to a better play caller than himself, and as the nature of envy goes, Kiff would rather sink his ship with his own playcalling he understands as awful, rather than sharing space with competent coaches who’s better play calling will end up helping Kiff.

  • Ben Factor

    Re QueenKiff’s comment, it’s silly to say LK is an incompetent play caller.

    However, if LK uses his pressbox colleague for nothing more than down and distance, he’s not being smart, and the culprit would seem to be ego (as QueenKiff indicates).

    It’s not a matter of being good at calling plays. Very few HEAD coaches are their OWN OCs. If he’s going to attempt it, he should analyze each handicap and risk, and create strategy to deal with each one.

    The HEAD coach has to ask what Peter Drucker said that every CEO needs to ask, first and foremost: “What needs to be done?” The important question is NOT: “What am I good at?” or “What functions do I enjoy?”
    The question is: “What needs to be done?”

    If LK wants to make a mark as a head coach, he better keep that in mind.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    The last thing dumb Kiffy should be calling is offensive plays … Oh ,here comes another bubble screen. What a genius

  • QueenKiff

    Kiff is his own OC because he has unresolved identity issues. It’s not good enough to be an HC or parlay $2-4 million out of it, he has to go “above-and-beyond” because deep down he knows he is’t worth what he’s paid or where he coaches. Think about that – he calls his own plays because he isn’t good enough to be a coach anywhere.