Here We Go Again

The USC-Colorado game on Oct. 20 will be televised by the Pac-12 Network and start at 3 p.m. Any guesses on whether the DirecTV impasse gets solved by then?

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  • ftfo2009

    NO. But we’ll probably just go to a bar like a fucking adult.

  • TrojanRick

    Good thing the Trojans have only had to face Cal, and now the Buffs on the Pac-12 network – no need to change providers for those two.
    I did not see the Cal game, and really felt I did not miss much, and will definitely feel the same about the Colorado game.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    at least it’s home games so far for USC games since i attend them all. i would like to see the other featured conference games on the network though. it’s going to be nuclear here in so cal within a month when we can’t laker games unless you’re a time-warner sucbscriber; same provider as P12 netowrk.

  • scidiot

    Awesome. Love the 3pm kickoff time. PAC-12 network broadcasts suck. They have two cameras that cannot follow the action. The quality looks like those History of SC games from the early 60’s. I still can’t believe they have fans sit through a 4 minute TV timeout for the commercial breaks when they show the same two 30 second adds followed by 3 minutes of PAC-12 network promos. Just go back to the game and let us get out of there in less than 4 1/2 hours.

  • Trojanfan

    Stirring the pot again over a YOU problem, what an idiot

    If people are truly USC fans they will do what ever it takes to view the game

  • ir94

    Scooter, how about you stop bitching about DirecTV not having the Pac-12 network, and actually do something about it? Seeing as how it’s your job to cover the Pac-12, how about you switch to a provider that actually lets you do that?

    You see those of us who actually made the most of our USC education can afford the additional $80 or so per month it takes to get add Time Warner Cable or Dish Network to get the Pac-12 Network. Anyone who has half a brain can simply switch to one of the carriers that have the network at next to no additional costs with just a little hassle.

    Now I’m sure you can’t be making a whole lotta cash working for a 3rd rate local rag in a largely dying industry, but grow a pair and at least switch providers and stop your bellyaching. You’re an embarrassment.

    To answer your question, no, DirecTV will not make a deal with the Pac-12 in time for the game. At this point, why would they? They just don’t have the fan outcry that’s necessary to move the needle. It’s not a particularly interesting game, and quite honestly, any real Trojan interested can afford to buy whatever service they need to get the games they want.

    The new Lakers network? That’s a whole other story. Bet DTV gets them on before the season starts.

  • NJ Trojan

    Oh well, at least it’s one less thing for my wife to bitch about.

  • Bri12

    I agree wolf just posts crap to get his normal snark-on and annoy you for the sake of annoying you.. But wolf is right, the pac12 folks are running a circus.The PAC 12 has NO leverage at all..

    1) directv TV subscribers are arguably the bigger peice of the pie. U guys just said you’d go to a bar to watch.. Well Most bars have directv for the Nfl ticket!
    2) all of u on here who have seen the broadcast all say its horrible (talent, technical, commercials) .. So why would I expect providers to pay more?
    3) why would I switch providers when SC football Season is almost over? I had many other carriers before and directv is better! Time Warner/ fios is regional, not availble to all of us… Dish HD selection doesn’t favor my taste.

    When it’s all said and done.. The pac12 will give in to direcTV, they jus wont admit it

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    The idea of switching providers just for the sake of the Pac-12 network is flat-out crazy. We are not going to switch just so we can get a bunch of re-runs, obscure sports I don’t care to watch, and, if we’re lucky, a few USC games (home games no less, as someone already pointed out).

    At least the guy running the UCLA blog has been trying to provide a public service by posting a list of bars carrying the Pac-12 network. How about it, Wolf?

  • Gnossos

    Dupree, that’s too logical for Scooter.