More Pac-12 Network Fallout

You think when the conference picked up the USC-Colorado game it privately chuckled that it has another chance to stick it to DirecTV (and Fios, AT&T, etc.)?
On the other hand, did DirecTV laugh that USC against lowly Colorado was going to be its next big game not to televise? I’m sure it can point a bunch of other games that day that fans will care more about.

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  • LovetheCapper

    Scott, break down and quit being a cheap screw.

  • I’d love to see one (or both) of these sides throw each other under the bus with some tangible numbers to show us which side is being too greedy to make it work

    For anyone traveling up to Seattle for the U-Dubb game-

  • Trojanfan

    Hey wolfman, no one cares, true fans will find their way around this shit….you’re just being a sour grape

  • arturo

    The few sports bars that get Time Warner Cable are the big winners.

  • BoscoH

    I just went to and registered my disapproval with the Pac-12 holding Trojan football hostage. They are having a contest over there. First prize is an oversized jacket and a whole key of cocaine. Second prize is a year’s supply of tennis balls. My dog would be happy winning that. Third prize is a list of neighbors within 1/4 mile who have DIsh network.