• W.E.B. Dupree

    The bold meaty taste of Wolf!

  • Stir the Bucket

    Guess “farts” will move up to #1 in Scott’s poster rankings.

  • LovetheCapper

    The Official Chili of Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns!

    Commercial Scene: Vince Young on the sideline eating Wolf chili during time out. Coach (played by our Scott Wolf) looks astonished. Young hand him the bowl and runs on field, cut away to real game footage vs USC, 4th and 18 as he gallops past helpless Trohans into end zone to win game!

    Cut back to panting VY: “Wolf Chili gives me the bold taste I need to WIN THE GAME!”

  • malachi crunch5

    You’re still a douche Wolf. Don’t let the can fool you.


    I alredy knew Wolf was full of beans

  • lbc trojan

    Where is farts0330 or whatever to talk about how much this picture makes him fart

  • Fart 0330

    everything makes me fart not just beans and those beans look like what my poop looks like. I am glad that scott wolf has finally decided to listen to me and talk about farts and fart related topics.

  • BoscoH

    Next week, Vons can advertise Scott brand towels to clean up the pool of vomit that the Pac 12 commissioner can die in over his silly TV network.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    at least the post was light(in a non-digestive way), not snarky and lightly humorous.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    what is in that bowl , Wolfie … Kiffin’s offense ???

  • ftfo2009

    Whats in that post goatboy, the same bitchy complaint you make in every post?

  • Ram-Man Kiffin

    What is in that bowl?

    1. Washington fans’ tears
    2. Husky meat
    3. Beans
    4. Sodium and other preservatives with long, complicated names

    Oh, pardon me, but those will be the ingredients in that bowl by the late Saturday evening!

  • malachi crunch5

    I think Farts0330 makes a very valid point.

  • QueenKiff

    Now we know why Kiff can’t hold it in past 30 seconds at his pressers.

  • Carroll Cheated, Got Caught, and Left In Shame

    Fart On!