Answer Wednesday!

Lots of reader football questions in this segment.

Q: JAG said:
Scott, is it true that you have considered leaving the Daily News to pursue a lucrative career as a “before” model in the testosterone supplement industry? If so, perhaps your good friend Pete Carroll could be the “after” model. That would sell a lot of product, don’t you think?

A: Pete and I would like to sell you the first bottle.

Q: usc50ucla0 said:
If UCLA could ever find funding to build a new $70 million, 110000-square-foot athletic and academic facility like the John McKay Center, who would they name it after?

A: Red Sanders.

Q: ftfo2009 said:
Who do you generally root for in the USC-UCLA game?

A: I root for an early kickoff and a post-game incident between the coaches. If that doesn’t happen, a one-sided result is good, especially for 7 p.m. kickoffs so I can meet my deadline.

Q: TF70 said:
What does CLK think of his offensive play calling thus far this season? Does he feel like he has made good second half adjustments?

A: The only game where he said the coaches needed to do better was Stanford. I thought Cal was a spotty performance and Utah also was not overly impressive. But I take into account all the weapons he has to work with, so I am picky.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Why did the Trojans come out so flat Thursday against arguably one of the worst Utah teams of the last 2 decades, are they down about the Stanford loss which knocked us out of the top ten, or is it something else, like the flu bug, midterms, etc.? It’s getting frustrating watching all this future NFL talent underperform week after week.

A: Some in the media like to credit playing on a Thursday on the road. I think that is an excuse because you get more time to prepare for those games. I just get the feeling at this point in the season that this might be part of the team’s identity. It just might start slowly or struggle and then need to pick it up. Some teams are like that.
Why with so many offensive stars is it like this? I’m not sure. But there are excuses like the “stats don’t matter” and the “defenses are different for USC” argument being made and I don’t really buy into it.
The key will be if this persona hurts the team in another game. It will determine the season one way or another.

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  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    Scott you mispelled person in the last sentence. There is no A on the end.

  • Swoll Francis da numba one ACE

    And which person did you mean?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket


    the wolfman continues to body slam any back-sassing nabobs who dare to spew their Jibber-Jabber in the Open Forum!!!

    ever since the wolfman emasculated Kiff, he has been strutting around like Buford Pusser what just ran outta bubble gum!!!


  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    You’re back. Did you watch any college football last weekend?

  • makano

    USC wasn’t flat! Bad snap followed by bad exchange.

    If you watched the game, except for one Utah drive, USC dominated most of the rest of the game.

    They were never flat. Miscues by Holmes put them down 14.

    Their offense is not fluid and probably won’t be until Kiffin watches some football and sees that the point of having a lot of weapons is to use them.

    Woods and Lee should catch around 60-75 balls each. Telfer and Grimble should wind up with a total of 60 between them. Agholor should catch 30 balls. The FB should catch 20 balls. Redd & McNeil should catch 30 balls.

    All the great offensive college teams have a lot of distribution. USC only had two WR’s making catches in the Utah game and seldom throws to anybody else.

    I don’t know what is so fricking difficult for Kiffin in regards to figuring that out and making USC less predictable.

    Yeah, they run a lot of formations a lot of motion, but, in the end, when Barkley goes back to pass you just have to defend 2 guys.

    Seen a screen pass lately? Slant to a TE?

    LK is overwhelmed and underwhelming as a HC/OC.

  • JAG

    Did I just get owned by Wolf???

    I think I’ll crawl under a rock. šŸ˜‰

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Yes, yes you did.

  • dtksr1

    Scott’s answer to GoTroy was an honest effort I thought. There could be many reasons why this offense comes out lackadasical. The coaches know this is playing with fire. Either Kiffin knows what he is doing in allowing this to happen or he & his hand-picked O-line coach haven’t a clue yet. My guess is he is so concerned about the games later in the season; a better UCLA, ND & 2 against Oregon, he is not forcing the issue now and is accepting these closer than expected wins. I am seeing his calling more running plays as a good sign he realizes it needs lots of work.

  • radioman

    persona is a word, as in this case the character of the team,look it up.

  • sobayquail

    Red Sanders, that’s humorous, although Sanders was hands down, the most successful Ucla coach. Having gone to SC in the fifties, I remember he made my life miserable.
    However, they would likely name the sports complex for Donahue, the longest tenured coach. Sanders left, let’s say, under a cloud.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    They should rename the Lafayette Hotel after Red Sanders