• QueenKiff

    Calling Plays is about building relationships!!! What a bafoon!

    Everyone who knows Kiff knows this is about a toddler clinging to his rattle. A broken rattle at that.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Is 4th and 40 Kiffin for real … this guy some type of sick punk thriving to be something he is not and never will be … a good football coach.
    ‘building relationships ‘ … Goatboy doesn’t care about anyone but his dumb self and his offensive stats.

  • Carroll Cheated, Got Caught, and Left In Shame

    I support Coach Kiffin’s dual roles. I think that Coach Kiffin is spot on to emphasize “building relationships” with his mega-star athletes through his play-calling. Coach Kiffin is on the cutting edge of coaching and may be ahead of his time.

    The Coach/Mega-Star Athlete relationship is a crucial factor in winning BCS Championships and Rose Bowls. If there is a good relationship between the two, then a great coach can motivate a great player to execute every play with superior excellence which in turns leads to more Wins on the field.

    I think that given the right relationship that is nurtured by superior play-calling, Coach Kiffin can motivate Matt Barkley to perform at mega-star level to try to salvage what is left of his senior season.

    Keyshawn Johnson and Jon Gruden
    Latrell Spreewell and PJ Carlesimo
    Lebron James and Mike Brown
    Tim Floyd and OJ Mayo

    Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant
    Pete Carroll and Carson Palmer
    Pete Carroll and Matt Leinart
    Pete Carroll and John David Booty
    Pete Carroll and Mark Sanchez
    Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush
    Pete Carroll and Joe McKnight

  • steve49

    Carrol Cheated: I totally disagree. Your examples don’t show anything. Coaching is not about personal relationships with a select few players. A coach becomes a figurehead for the direction they take, the cohesiveness they achieve, and the improvements they make. Coaches become the authority, leaders, and the law when it comes to the team. They do not get paid to play nursemaid to some prima donna star. Especially in college, where the facts of life start to hit the players squarely in the face.
    Joe McKnight??? lmao