Answer Friday!

Back to those reader questions.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
Does Kiffin believe in passing to open up the run?

A: I think his preference is to pass first. But defenses have adjusted and now he knows he needs to run. He likes to say he wishes he could be balanced but if you talk to anyone behind the scenes, the Hawaii game is what makes him happy. Lots of passes and big stats for Barkley and Lee. And then if they need to, they will run the ball.

Q: The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0 said:
You recently posted a picture of a potential recruit wearing USC’s new Nike gloves which may or may not be a recruiting violation.

Now that CLK has spurned you publicly, are you trying to bring the program down? How would you feel if you were single handily responsible for reporting a story like the Yahoo one on RB5? What would CLK think of you then?

A: The picture I posted was from, a fan site. Do you think they were trying to bring the program down by posting it?
I posted it because there is a concern with the athletic dept. that it was a violation. Players say they now have to turn in their gloves because of fears they give them to recruits.
I am not trying to bring the program down because Lane Kiffin suspended me for two days. I consider that in the past. If I reported a story like Yahoo, I’m sure Kiffin would not be happy. If the story was true, I doubt he would have too much animosity.
A reporter can’t really worry about what a coach thinks though.

Q: in sheep’s clothing said:
after falling bheind 14-0 USC threw in running formations and ran from the shotgun. what does your pac-12 coach source have to say about adjustments in the utah game?

A: I haven’t talked to the coach since the Utah game.
Are you saying USC finally made adjustments five games into the season? I’m not sure it is that simple. I think USC has tried to combat certain things but did a poor job in the Stanford game. It was clear in that game there were no short passes, roll outs or screens to relieve Matt Barkley or the offensive line.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you are ON FIRE!!!

    you keep body slamming these weak Nabob attempts to zing you in your own open forum!!!

    in fact the way you flick them aside reminds me of Vince Young casually kncking trOXams off him as he galloped 20 yards to win the Natty against Sothern Cal!!!

    the wolfman ascared of Kiff??? BAH!

    it was the WOLFMAN who busted Kiff’s AP Poll lies and the WOLFMAN who reported Hadari’s injury despite the gag order!!!

    and what did Kiff do? well, he gave up his AP vote in one case and apologized to the wolfman in the other!!
    if anyone, it is KIFF who fears the Claw of the Wolf!!!!!


  • malachi crunch5

    I wish Wolfbag was “ON FIRE”.

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    “A reporter can’t really worry”. Correct, do you know a reporter? Do you really consider yourself a reporter? Scott you could be a reporter. You have a education second to none, but you are either lazy or just don’t care. What you do is hardly reporting. Anyone could cut and paste what they see reported by somebody else. Scott it’s not to late to be a “reporter”. You could start by cleaning up this blog and boot the bRUIN trolls that polute it.