Barkley Reaction

Here is some post-game reaction from Matt Barkley:

“If we play undiscplined football, we’re not going to have blowouts.

“Obviously, people are going to focus on (the stats). I’m not going to focus on that. We’re not going to focus on that.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s frustrating, I want to pass, but I’m happy with the win.”

3 thoughts on “Barkley Reaction

  1. What is he gonna say, “coach is screwed up, can’t make a timely call, is to predictable, and is afraid he may score to many points and piss off the other coach”?

    He is a college kid on scholarship, give us all a break.

  2. Penalties by young players Aundrey Walker, Xavier Grimble and Jahleel Pinder are simply going to happen when you are playing freshman and sophomores. Those will disappear soon. I hope Barkley was talking about himself in regards to improving his discipline with the
    interception he threw into obvious coverage. Winning on the road at Washington is never easy and USC’s victory was never in doubt.

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