Conservative U.

The game plan’s definitely gone into a shell in Seattle. No confidence in marquee superstars? Is Matt Barkley hurt? Something is amiss. Or just poor play calls.

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  • DT-89

    ‘SC has 369 yards of offense and 201 yards rushing with seven minutes to go in the game. Yes, I’d like to see more, but “poor play calls”? That’s total hyperbole.

  • steve49

    sorry, but the 3rd and 5 up the middle for a loss in the 4th quarter, then 4th and 5 with a 3 step drop instead of shotgun was bad play calling.

  • DT-89

    Yes, I would have liked something different there, but I’ve never seen a game that didn’t have a few questionable play calls.

    I just think in totality it was good enough. Barkley was clearly not at his best … the passing game just had one of those nights. My guess is they’ll play much better down the road.

  • LovetheCapper

    SC Football is becoming just as ordinary as the rest of the department. What a joke. Other Pac12 schools are moving forward, we are moving backwards. And fast.

  • TrojanRick

    With 24 pts at halftime, 24 points at the end of game -any lessons learned?!
    Kiff/Sark friendship get in the way?
    No halftime adjustments?
    What the hell happened in the 2nd half to change the momentum/pace that seemed to work in the 1st half?
    And you cannot say that Sark did it all, or, for that matter, did any of it.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey crapper, who in the fuck pissed in your cheerios


    LOVE the “smash you in the mouth” and run the clock offense with a nice lead. Why divulge anything until Oregon? Getting physical is good ole fashion Trojan football. Why does that black cloud follow Wolf all the time?