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Here’s my recap of an odd game in Seattle where USC played not to lose. Money quote: “In the air today, we did terrible obviously,” Robert Woods said. “It’s just not happening right now.” Link here.

Dean Rutz/Seattle Times
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  • BoscoH

    I don’t get it. The defense is playing great. This was a road game, as was the Stanford game. Redd was a frigging monster. McNeal was an effective counterpunch. It’s a “W”. We should be happy and ready for the next opponent.

  • Ram-Man Kiffin

    People, did I not promise EXCELLENCE in front of God and all Americans? And did excellence not flow from my Play Chart like holy music from a majestic hymnal?

    Today, I stand before all Americans and even all you non-Americans out there, and I swear by God, by Allah, by the God of the Hebrews, by the God of the Swedes, by the God of you-name-it, that, against Colorado, you will witness such EXCELLENCE that even the grizzled churro vendors shall weep, and the bacon strips shall unwrap themselves from their hotdogs and dance upon the sizzling grills of the unlicensed street-meat carts.

  • lbc trojan

    BoscoH is absolutely correct. FTFO.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Scott, 3:49AM? Really? Seriously? Really? Seriously?

    I move for the Blog to be deactivated between the hours of 10PM and 7AM. People gotta sleep.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    How do you hack into accounts like you did with mine here?

    I thought you were all about playing fair.