Clock Management

Where would you rank this as a problem in 2012? The Trojans were atrocious on the final drive against Arizona and also struggled with it against Stanford.

There also seems to be a complete disdain for field goals. The potential 30-yarder ignored against Stanford. The refusal to kick a field goal yesterday on several occasions.

And two deep passes to end the Arizona game when a couple short passes could set up a field goal.

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  • QueenKiff

    It’s about time Barkley starts accounting for the last :55 of yesterday’s game. There’s no excuse for him to not spike, not throw to the sideline rather than short midfield at the start of the drive, and not to set up the FG instead of blowing 13 seconds on a long-winded, overthrown attempt. I’m not putting all of those last drive issues on Kiff.

    • Ben Doverz

      He said it’s Kiffins’ call not his, what is he supposed to do, go against the Great Lane Kiffin ?

      • QueenKiff

        I just don’t buy that Kiffin dictated Barkley not downing the ball or throwing a few short passes to set up Hedari. Barkley is lying, Barkley is making excuses for some of the worst clock management SC fans have ever witnessed.

  • Charles Bucket

    what a DAY! i feel so ALIVE!!!
    i am heading to the beach (i’ll buy any trOJan a drink at Dukes if they are out of bed yet)

    before i go, i want to point out that yesterday was the ULITIMATE validation of the main plank of the Cadre’s platform!!!
    Better Booty chokes in the clutch!!!
    point couldn’t be better illustrated by our Freshman QB, trailing in the score, calmy marching our team down the field, even getting in one last rush to set up the easy FG with time expiring!!! sublime!!