Morning Buzz

Here’s my recap from a wild game in Tucson that ended USC’s BCS title hopes. “It stinks,” freshman defensive end Leonard Williams said.

The game also raised more questions about Coach Lane Kiffin’s ability to deal with pressure and expectations this season.

Link here

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  • ThaiMex

    There’s a good reason why BARNEY couldn’t hit Robt Woods down the sidelines, when Woods was WIDE OPEN……OBVIOUSLY, Barney thought Woods was a Golf Cart!
    BTW…That Leonard Williams guy sure “represents” SCUmbag U very well! Fit on Leonard “personal foul” Williams! You da man!
    Where’s all the RAH RAH’S????? I can’t hear you! Just a few weeks ago you RAH RAH’S were full of praise for GOAT BOY. One of you dorks even referred to him as being a DEEP THINKER/CEREBRAL. CEREBRAL for SUC types?…, figures most of you would be IMPRESSED by a guy who graduated from Fresno State with a degree in “leisure service management”. Goat Boy makes HOW MUCH per YEAR?
    There’s no Torgan like a dumb Torgan!

    Fit On!

    • TrojanFan

      Looks like Bruinrob had no problem hitting bucket where it counted…ouch!!!

      A patch on each eye and a bad limp….a true marksman

  • Brad Hutchings

    Sorry Scott. I don’t even think it’s about pressure and expectations with CLFK. Fundamentals are the problem. Playing four quarters. Not racking up penalties. Fix those, and then worry about everything else. Or if you’re not going to fix those, then account for them. Ripping into an undisciplined team with a 20-13 halftime lead for being undisciplined when the opponent is doing the same thing shows a complete lack of situational awareness.

  • Charles Bucket

    and then, depression set in…