Not Ready For Prime Time?

Lane Kiffin said it was possible USC would be a more dangerous team against Oregon because the Trojans are going to be motivated coming off a loss.

I tend to agree but probably for a different reason: I’m not sure Kiffin could handle being ranked No. 1 in the preseason or enjoyed the burden of high expectations. His often-tight persona does not lend itself to a loose, high-flying drive to a BCS title.

He’s more of a stiff, CEO type that would rather grumble about distractions than make sure his team doesn’t care about them.

So that is why USC played better last season: No pressure.

  • Gil Marin

    Some very valid points, Scott. Also, what about dishing those shoes for the Oregon game going forward. Nike, may have played a fast one on us.

    • Brad Hutchings

      One of our corners, either Harris or Shaw, was wearing the black shoes, and he looked straight up gangsta in a good way. Given that the NCAA will probably require names on jerseys next season due to Kiffin’s jersey stunt last week, a return to black shoes would be a welcome cling to tradition.