The Top 25

Here is my ballot for the Associated Press poll:

1.  Alabama
2.  Oregon
3.  Kansas State
4.  Notre Dame
5.  Ohio State
6.  Georgia
7.  Florida
8.  LSU
9.  Florida State
10.  Oregon State
11.  Clemson
12.  Louisville
13.  Oklahoma
14.  South Carolina
15.  Mississippi State
16.  USC
17.  Stanford
18.  Texas Tech
19.  Boise State
20.  Rutgers
21.  Texas A&M
22.  Louisiana Tech
23.  West Virginia
24.  UCLA
25.  Nebraska
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  • Spedjones

    Sorry Scotty, SC way too high.

  • (confidential to wolfman: wolfman, you know that i, as an member of the Executive Council of the Cadre, would neve publicly criticize you, but Stanford ahead of Sothern Cal?? wolfman, your AP vote is even more crucial now that you forced Kiff to resign his AP vote in disgrace!! don’t force our hand, we’ll give your vote to Yoda if we have to…..believe me no one wants to see “the Wookiees” in the Top 5 evry week. thanks CB)