Tucson Thought

Is it time for USC to hire an offensive coordinator so Lane Kiffin can “coach” the entire team instead of burying his head in the play chart?

Truthfully, the better solution would be for Kiffin to become the offensive coordinator and let someone else inspire and lead the team. That way Kiffin can do what he likes best.

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  • Spedjones

    Forget lane, did everyone watch Brett Hundley lead a comeback drive for the win? The signature drive Barney doesn’t have? The drive he blew yesterday? Heisman? Bwahaha!

    • TrojanFan

      You fuckin idiot, why would we focus on what a ruin did….run a long you are on the wrong blog

      PS… it should be “did ANYONE watch”

      • EncinitasBruin

        It should be “run along”

        (Just sayin’, if we’re going to start parsing grammar skills….)

        • TrojanFan

          What the fuck are you talking about…..once again , run along you are on the wrong blog

          • EncinitasBruin

            Come on, it’s funny! (You were critiquing the guy for bad grammar, but your critique included a typo.)

          • TrojanFan

            The point i was making flew right over your head….had nothing to due with bad grammar….troll on

          • EncinitasBruin

            Oh, I got it. As if no one was watching UCLA. Very clever.

          • roadrunner

            It’s understandable that TrojanFan is a tad cranky tonight as his overrated Trojans just saw their season go up in smoke, and are watching a better-coached UCLA team pull out wins that continue to elude USC.

          • TrojanFan

            I think you missed a turn down the road, and take Encinitas with you

          • Varriosito

            TrojanFan, you are the biggest tool on this blog. Give it a rest. You make everyone on here look bad. Go read a book or something.

          • TrojanFan

            Thank you….where did you come from?

  • Haden won’t can Kiffin, he hasn’t got the guts to do it and it will cost USC dearly for years to come.

  • sunnyfong

    Wolf, for the first time, I agree with you

  • Outside Looking In

    Yes Wolf, It is totally plausible that Kiffin would go to Haden and ask him to hire a real head coach that will keep him to call an unimaginative game plan!

  • Mitch Vargas


    Thank you for letting me to be a part of your Blog. Please allow me to qualify myself. NOBODY is a bigger fan of the USC football team than I. NOBODY. I have gone to almost every home game since 1998. I donate to the
    program whenever I can. I will continue to support, what I believe, is one of
    the finest football programs in the country. That being said, I don’t follow
    your blog on a consistent basis because I think you have a negative agenda against USC. Some of the things you come up with are so childish and, as a reader, turns me off. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. So….l will be the first to remove, as a true Trojans fan, all the “warm and fuzzy” feelings which too many USC fans place around a very average football team. Yes “average”. Before the season started I couldn’t believe USC was rated number one in the nation on several polls. For all the USC fans that can’t see the issues themselves, I would like to submit, if you don’t mind, my report card on the team at this point;


    Matt Barkley is a wonderful young man. I’ve met him many times and I enjoy speaking with him. He is a true example of a perfect student athlete. However, he is not as good as most people seem to believe. There I said it! He is not very good. Everyone was gushing over him because he decided to stay his senior year. What was he supposed to do? Declare for the NFL as a junior and try to get drafted before Andrew Luck, RG3, or Ryan Tannihill? His decision to stay one more year was a financial decision. Make no mistake about it. He has several flaws, which will be amplified in the NFL, as a quarterback; no foot speed, pass points are off most times, he doesn’t have the intangible of a fighter, and his arm is too slow. Okay! Okay! He’s got great stats, but who were they playing when he ran those numbers up? Think about it.

    The Offensive Line…. B-

    They are not moving defenders around like Trojans of the past. Don’t get me wrong, they are a pretty good group, but they don’t have the depth necessary to perform at a high level for the entire season.

    Running Backs…… C

    Simply not stepping up when opportunity is presented. Could you imagine the season with no Silas Redd?

    Fullback D

    Why was recruiting for this position ignored for two years? Vainuku
    will be good, but he needed to study an upper classman before being rolled out as the starting fullback.

    Receivers……. A

    The most solid group on the team. The reason Matt Barkley doesn’t
    get a C-.

    Tight Ends…… B

    Grimble and Telfer are very good blockers and can run with the ball after the catch. Not being used enough.

    Defensive Line… A

    Playing very well. Solid group. Breslin and the rest of this position group are stepping up.

    The Linebackers…..C

    With the exception of Hayes Pullard and Dion Bailey, they are not a group that will take us to a PAC 12 title. They don’t tackle very well. We really miss Manti Te’o and Jarvis Jones.

    The Secondary… D-

    The position group most responsible for the two, which will turn into four, losses. “Overrated” is the best word to describe TJ McDonald; team captain? Really? He cannot cover his own shadow and takes too many cheap shots on defenseless receivers. The rest of the defensive backfield are all below average Division One players. They are playing horrible!

    Special Teams… F

    Need I say anything about special teams? The worst I can remember.

    Coaching…. B

    I think Lane Kiffin is doing a good job with what he’s got. Remember, he doesn’t have the depth to work with, so that factors into play calling. Sad to say; a change at Defensive Coordinator is overdue. The college game is too different than the pro game. Monte Kiffin should realize that and move out of the Raddison and thank his son for the opportunity.

    • timmay

      “Mitch Vargas” – Ms. Kiffin.

      • David Keeling

        In both losses, the offense scored enough to reasonably win these games. The defense could not prevent the other team from scoring in the 2nd half. You can call it lack of depth. But I call it being out-of-position and not using what skill there is to control the game more… like the Irish have done this year. They have no more talent on defense than the trojans. They just have a coaching scheme that uses their skill to its potential.

  • QueenKiff

    Scott, we’ve asked this questions several times this season – does Kiff need to give up play calling, is Kiff hoarding to many responsibilities, etc. Problem is it’s a pointless question because Kiff does whatever he wants with no regard fr the big picture. He wants credit as the HC and the Playcaller. My solution is a little different than others regarding what to do longterm with Kiff. Let him keep his job long enough to finish out these scholarship reductions. He’ll continue to make an Ass of himself and give the AD a good list f reasons to get rid of him once sanction effects are done, and we can get somebody else in.

  • David Keeling

    Damn Scott Wolf, you took the very words out of my mouth at the end of this game. This is the 2nd “coaches loss” of the season. Barkley has got to be sick to his stomach right now. I also wonder how many committed recruits are reconsidering playing for this coach? Haden? are you blind to all this?

  • Otis

    Tell me how does it feel to want change and nothing will happen 🙂

  • EncinitasBruin

    Folks on this blog know I’m not a hater–so here’s my assessment of the Trojans: Kiffin is arguably the best recruiter in college football, and seems to have impeccable rapport with his players and staff. But he really does need to hire a top-drawer OC–not that he can’t play call, but because his division of labor in-game has hurt the Trojans deeply in both of their losses.

    Yesterday, several tactical errors were made in the closing moments, and everyone jumped on MB’s back for not spiking the ball at midfield. But rightly so, MB acknowledged, “I don’t make those calls on the field.” It’s Kiffin’s call. Better clock management gives your great QB the time to find the best receiving corps in the nation, allowing SC to get within field goal range. What gives SC better odds of coming out with a W, a last-ditch heave, or the ability to allow MB and ML to win it in OT?

    You may throw tomatoes at me, but hear me out: take a look at the last 1:33 of the UCLA-ASU game yesterday. Mora could not have managed the clock any better than he did, allowing his freshman QB and RB’s to get the Bruins into perfect position for their true freshman kicker to gain huge confidence on a relatively easy FG (the kid’s only hit 50% of his FGs this season, but is perfect within 35).

    All any coach can do is position his team for the best chance for success. The players have to do the rest. Kiffin did not allow his players to do that yesterday, despite a record-breaking day by Lee.

  • 1Emmit

    “I’m open to all suggestions, I’ve tried it all”, said Lane Kiffen. Hey, he can think those words, he can even say that to his staff. But he should never, ever ask that question , even rhetorically, like he did! HE IS the COACH! He’s paid a BIG salary to work with his staff and players and solve problems! Period!

  • oregon111

    maybe you guys should join the mountain west conference?

    it is clear that mediocre pac10/12 team are too much for the Trojans

    • TrojanFan

      I’m going to laugh my ass off when the Duck’s are sitting at home watching two other teams play for the Natty…

      Where are all the NC and Heisman awards around duckville…I keep looking , but can’t seem to find any….LOL….you fuckin idiot

      • roadrunner

        Don’t worry, oregon111, when TrojanFan doesn’t have anything intelligent to say, he just calls a person an F-ing idiot.

        The Ducks are 8-0 and poised to make a run at another NC, while his Trojans are in tatters, just hoping they can avoid being blown out this Saturday by you guys.

        • TrojanFan

          Sorry, but too many road blocks in the way…if Kansas St wins out Oregon will not pass them…blame it on the computers

          • TrojanFan

            No Natty’s this year or in the near future…quack, quack!!!

        • oregon111

          I checked out all the injuries for the Ducks on defense..

          holy crap — USC will probably have the advantage due to all those injuries

          otherwise, I would say that that Oregon is just playing too good to be beaten

          Oregon will be playing shorthanded on D – we will see if they either have backups who can fill in – or if players get healthy real fast

          or USC will torch them again

          I’m not making excuses – best players at most important positions likely out

          • TrojanFan

            sounds like some backpeddling to me

  • Kiffen has not proved he is a head coach, PERIOD.

  • Golden Trojan

    No half time adjustments on either side of the ball. Most penalties in
    college football. Inability to line up properly on offense or special
    teams. This is an inability to recruit talent that also have a brain
    and a coaching staff that can’t instill discipline or make adjustments. We will suffer a
    lot of games like this one before Kiffin is fired. Nest Saturday will be ugly. A repeat of 2 years ago.