Kiffin On Key Play

Lane Kiffin elaborated today on USC’s second-to-last play. The deep pass to Marqise Lee that took way too much time off the clock.

“Unfortunately we kind of went for a knockout shot down there,” Kiffin said. “When you do that it takes a long time. We kind of went for it there. We tried to end the game there.”

Why wouldn’t you spike the ball and take the short shot and kick a field with Arizona quarterback Matt Scott out of the game for a potential overtime?

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  • ELConqueror

    Lets get this right, Barkley showed a lack of leadership and poise in this last game. He’s not as good or as mobile as he’s been talked up. He lost this game for us and Kiffin just added to it by not having a disciplined team. If Kiffin can stop the team from getting so many goddam penalties and if he opens up the playbook, we are in business at the end of the MF year and we win the Rose Bowl, d-faces.

  • 1. The defense lost the game…they couldn’t stop the run….they couldn’t stop the pass…
    2. The team penalties say more about coaching than anything else. Players going non-linear and getting personal fouls after the whistle is just stupid. The large number of movement penalties on the offense is stupid.
    3. Barkley throws interceptions. He hasn’t changed for four years. WHere’s the coaching? I feel bad for him, he could have gone PRO and gotten a better contract than this year shows…. Kiffin let him down.
    4. There seems moments in the game that the offense has mental breakdowns….it’s as if they can’t get out of their way…
    5. Too many fumbles….

  • Kiff blew at least 7 seconds. PERIOD. NO BS

  • rusoviet

    The team is out of control – the taunting of the AZ receiver in the 1st quarter and then the capper – Leonard Williams DE 94, a thug, with both hands, ripping the helmet off an AZ running back.

    There is no one controlling this team – the HC is weak – he can recruit but can’t coach and worse as others here have noted he no longer has anyone backing his foolish indifference to making decisions that a champion makes.

    Kiffin has brought this all on himself. He chose to take the two year bowl ban and then defer the three years scholarship reductions – what goes around has now hit hard. Barkley stayed because he was led to believe 2011 was not a chimera – it was. Kiffin has no business being HC at this or any other Top 25 program.

    • Don’t give the AD a free pass. He has liability too. Say what you please, but Mike Garrett would NOT have put up with this MESS. NO BS

  • Nephi_Allred

    Kiffin has to go. Too many gimmick plays. Too much drama over uniform numbers, not discussing injuries, banning reporters. Apparently little to no focus on disciplined, fundamentally sound football.

  • EncinitasBruin

    The complexities of in-game coaching seem to elude Kiffin. Quite literally, he seems to be over his head on game day (contrasted to Carroll, who commanded every stadium he entered). I’ve got lots of family who went to SC, and the statement above sent chills through my nephew’s spine (SC ’02): “We kind of went for it there.” Wah?! Use your QB and your killer receiving corps, and put together a kick-ass last minute drive to position for the tying FG! Their opponent’s first string QB is out with a concussion. OT surely would have been in SC’s favor, rather than trying “to end the game there” with a heave down field. It just looked like he was overwhelmed with the intensity of the moment.

  • hold on fellas!! as predicted by the CADRE, you are to call for Kiff’s job after the second loss!! it’s after the THIRD LOSS that you all call for Bounce Pass Haden’s job!!!! (you have to wait till next week for that!!!!)
    wolfman, i just want to thank you for everything!!! you have proved that a plain and simple Beat Writer could bring a mighty program to its KNEES!!
    NOW you trOXans know the PEN is MIGHTIER than the sword!!!