Not-So-Great Arizona Game Stats

Arizona wide receiver Austin Hill’s 259 receiving yards is the second-most allowed in USC history. Hill was just 4 yards shy of UCLA wide receiver J.J. Stokes’ 263 yards in 1992.

Arizona also had two players rush for 100-or-more yards. And a quarterback pass for more than 350 yards.

Maybe USC should have played the Cover 2 defense that always apparently stifles the Trojans.

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  • ELConqueror

    Barkley choked in this game. Simple as that.

    Kiffin sees opportunities and he takes them. That missed pass by Barkley at the end sealed the MF deal.

    This season has been a huge disappointment, but I’ve got my cap on and Im exuding new arrogance. We will win 3 of the 4 games left or all four and win the Rose MF Bowl!

    • USConquer

      Again…original name, you jackass hat.