Now What?

USC’s season can go two ways: The Trojans can regroup and win out and go to the Rose Bowl, something Pete Carroll teams often did. Or the Trojans can decide the season is essentially over with preseason goals unattainable and decide it’s time to focus on impressing NFL scouts and increasing their draft stock.

If the latter occurs, that is where games against Oregon, UCLA and Notre Dame become exceedingly difficult and will cause a potential November meltdown.

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  • I see tank city coming with some really ugly losses piling up. Maybe when the big donor money dries up Haden will see the light and pull the plug on this disaster and head to Boise and offer the job to Petersen

  • ken

    Silas redd is average rb, dj should be our starter he can see hole and has explosion.i got to see video why he fumbled again.fb#31 need to go back 3rd string to learn how to catch ball, catch first then run.

  • Golden Trojan

    This will likely be a repeat of 2010 season, starting with Oregon and finishing with Notre Dame. UCLA and ASU are playing better, those games could go south as well. Ending 6-6 would be a good thing. The coaching change and rebuilding can begin.

  • dtksr1

    This Arizona game just reminded me so much of the Stanford game. It is a pattern that shows Lane Kiffin has not improved as a play caller or game manager. This time around, no player is offering themselves to blame or giving out excuses like after the Stanford game. I believe Kiffin is one more bad management game away from losing the respect of his team. Then you are going to see some really sloppy games!

  • EncinitasBruin

    At worst, 2-2, at best, 3-1. Unless something radical happens, I don’t see wins over both ND and Oregon. UCLA is going to be a shoot out. All I will predict is that you guys won’t beat us by 50 again….(Going out on a limb there, aren’t I?)

  • Man, this blog sucks. NO BS

  • USConquer

    Now What???!!
    That’s what you are really asking Wolf?
    Now it’s time to take care of Saturday business, get the boys in their cleats and hand Oregon, ND and everyone else a big ass “L” That’s what.
    Piece off cake if we get our ‘ish’ straight.