12 thoughts on “On Recruiting Rankings

  1. If there is one thing I cant stand its how our fans go bananas when something small goes wrong and they want people fired left and right. The latest victim of this wrath is Kiffin and many are also pissed at Barkley.

    But relax people! Hold your horses! There are still 4 games that we can win if Kiff makes some adjustments. People need to recognize that we have the talent and that Kiff can right the ship but Barkley needs to step up his game and stop making true freshman mistakes like he has.

      • Just wait and see bud. You act like youve got a crystal ball…or should I say crystal balls?

    • You’re waiting for Kiff to make adjustments?!?!? LOL, good luck with that! What’s its say for Kiff’s adjustments that SC has a TOTAL of 28 3rd Quarter points this season? A SEASON TOTAL of 28 points!

    • Just tell me how much this team has improved since the beginning of the season and, what other coaches could do with similar talent?

  2. Kiffin isn’t the “latest” victim of (justifiable) wrath. He’s been getting called out all season. Barkley on the other hand should’ve gone pro last season. He;s horrible this year.

    • He’s got a great coach, not. Never have been a Barkley fan but Kiffin is the cause of all of this and he has to go and sadly he won’t be going anywhere since Haden is far more concerned with women’s lacrosse.

      • As that NY newswoman said- “What the F is wrong with you!!” Haden played football, ‘member?? Ya right he cares more about lacrosse. what haden needs is to grow a pair of prairie oysters to sit both Kiff and Bark down and let them know whats on the line – but for real. we should be goin to the Rose Bowl at least.

  3. The more Kiffin can’t manage a game and waste talent & effort, the more these recruits are going to have 2nd thoughts about playing for him by NSD. Don’t think other coaches aren’t bending their ears right now and Kiffin is blaming the players? Prime example of someone shooting his own foot!

  4. How many of the SIXTEEN were “SPECIAL ADMITS” who couldn’t qualify at most other LEGIT Universities?
    fit on torgan!

  5. Geez Louise!!! you trOXans are TEARING EACH OTHER APART!!!!!
    the Cadre computer models predicted you Nabobs would call for Kiffs job after only two losses, and Bounce Pass’ job after three losses, but even the computer couldn’t figure out what will happen afer FOUR LOSSES!!!
    well, i gurss we’ll ALL find out soon!!!

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