Quick Thought

Lane Kiffin pointed out USC’s 6-2 record is the same as last season after 8 games. So what “competitve advantages” did concealing injuries and switching jersey numbers provide again?

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  • MeValeMadre

    CLK doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks, including his lil b!tc# Pat Haden. CLK is going to take it to the house the next four games…bank on it.

    CLK, FTW!!

  • Is Oregon stopper Hayes Pullard banged up? Had only four taclkes against Arizona and hasn’t been the same since he left the California game midway through. Of course, it would be hard to know if was hurt.

  • ThaiMex

    6-3 after this weekend, it’s only gonna get worse! The team is THIN (no depth…is this what happens when you consistently land TOP 5 recruiting classes?), has no heart, and is in CHAOS! I guess that what happens at cesspools like Southern Cal where sleazy makes it all too easy.
    No wonder you guys are all arrogant.
    Fit on torgan!

    • Thai, what ever happened to the Nabobs??? just like their team, when things get tough, they dry up and blow away!!!

      • ThaiMex

        Reminds me of that masterpiece by “BECK”.titled “LOSER”. Appears all the current knuckleheads have gone the same way as freethinker, datrout, nubsie (& his boyfriend, Mono) and the rest of those long gone Jackels….Speaking of Jackels….has there been any sign of Good Ol’ Paralegal? fit on LIMBO U!!!!!

        • HAWR-HAWR!!!
          but i note not only the radical Extremists are in hiding, even the Moderates have checked out!!!
          lets face it, bottom line, they realized we were RIGHT about everything we said, and they also knew they were in for a merciless Clubber Lang-type beating and they ran for their mommies!!!
          c’mon Nabobs, don’t quit! we gotta lotta mo, a lotta mo!!!!!

          • TrojanFan

            One dick talking to the same dick…..LOL