A very real question now: Who will finish with the better record? USC or UCLA?

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  • EncinitasBruin

    Whoever wins the showdown on 11/17 will go 9-3, while the other team will go 8-4. Don’t see either team winning out the rest of the way.

  • OMG!! somebody PUNCH me! i mean PINCH ME, i must be dreaming!!!! i just read the spread in the Duck v trOXan game is Ducks favored by only seven!!!
    Double OMG!!! we need to have an emergency meeting of the Cadre Executive Council!!! this is a an ultra rare SUPER LOCK!!!!
    as you all remember, the Cadre broke the bank two years ago and that was a 14 pt spread!!!!! vegas is GIVING AWAY MONEY!!!
    i am betting the entire Cadre Pension Fund, our Preferred Plus inc holdings and every penny we get from deposit on every empty can and bottle at Cadre HQ.
    the hell with it i’m also gonna bet the entire Lil’ Cadre College Trust Fund!!!
    this is FREE MONEY PEOPLE!!!! 7 PTS??? that musta been a typo!!!! if not im gonna drive about 10 old ladies off the road burning rubber to VEGAS BABY!!!

    • TrojanFan

      People with mental issues talk to themselves….get some help

      Bucket is falling for the bait…what a square…lol!

  • ThaiMex

    Chucker….YOU ARE ON FIRE!!!!! The Torgan (Nabobs) defense resembles That of the Big “O”….no not Oregon….,but like an Ostrich (Head in the Ground!).

    Life is good!, I’ve got a few extra PESOS left over from last weeks afternoon at The Dog Races (SPEAKING OF DOG’S….7 pt. DOG to OREGON????…I’m with you brother and putting it ALL on the Duckies to cover. With all the negativity surrounding Southern Cal…I wonder if DAT wishes he were a torgan so Goat Boy could throw him under the bus too? hahahahahahahahahahaha!
    THE CURSE OF THE GAY BRONZE HORSE is sooooooo alive!
    fit on Torgan!
    (train wreck alert for this weekend)

  • Thai, you are SO RIGHT, and how can that be wroing???
    the Ducks are coming to the Mausoleum to blog bubble gum and KICK A$$!!

    and word is, they are AAAAAAAAAAAAALL outta bubble gum!!!
    really, the only question is, when does Chipper start pulling starters??? i ASSURE you it wont be till they are up by 5 TDS!!! so this remains a SUPER LOCK!!
    we will make BANK on this game!! 7 pinche puntos??? it’s like having the keys to the stinkin’ banco!!!

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Coming from you, an expert on getting your ass handed to you. 50-0