Answer Wednesday!

Time to answer some reader questions.
Q: SCFTBL1 • a day ago
Is Kiffin as paranoid about his job as he should be?
A: He has not been asked but he is a shrewd person and I believe he knows he will be on the hot seat if USC falls into a tailspin.

Q: QueenKiff • a day ago
Scott, has Kiffin addressed anything regarding half-time adjustment? SC has only scored a total of 28 points in third quarters this season. Is this something the coaches are aware of and talk about fixing?
A: He usually talks vaguely about this by saying teams play new defenses or a Cover 2 which makes it hard for USC to throw the ball. A college coach told me USC’s scheme is the problem and there is little adjustment that goes on during games. I think this has been USC’s single-biggest problem this season.
Q: john seeder • a day ago −
Since Kiffin’s narcissism won’t allow him to get an OC, and there is no way he fires his own father, how will next year be any different ( it will be worse ) and why would Haden even think it would be different, do people really think Kiffin will be told to get and OC and hire a top flight DC to keep his job?
A: I think it all depends on how November goes. Will the Trojans go 3-1 in November and then win their bowl game? That probably makes it hard to demand too much change.
But if USC loses 2-3 games in November, I believe we could see some major changes with the coordinator positions. One person inside the university believes the changes might be even bigger if USC wins 7 games.

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  • Mike 70

    Hire Mike Holmgren immediately. He is an alum, has impeccable credentials on and off the field. If Haden truly cares about the USC football program he makes these changes ASAP.

    • Old NFL coaches who have little experience recruiting are a bad idea

      • dtksr1

        The only NFL coaches I would like to see Haden hire would be PC again or Harbaugh because they have already shown they can do the necessary things to win in college football. You would have to pay them close to NFL money.

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        • TrojanFan

          Would love to see PC make his way back here….only wishful thinking

          • Did you hit your head are you always this stupid ?

          • TrojanFan

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        • Harbaugh ?? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. PC would come back and hire Sark and Yogi Roth, wouldn’t that be fun again !

          • TrojanFan

            If i hit my head, you must of knocked yourself out

      • Like Pete Carroll.

    • TrojanFan

      That person would have to be a top notch recruiter, which keeps a lot of NFL coaches away from college football jobs

    • Haden should head straight to Boise and beg on his knees for Petersen to come to USC. But, Haden is at a women’s conference, so he can’t.

      • TrojanFan

        Hey BenD over, Did you hit your head are you always this stupid ?

  • Larry LaTour

    Dear Scooter,

    This site sucks more than the old one……..and that was pretty bad!

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    • TrojanFamily

      Posting the same unimaginative drivel on each thread doesn’t make it any more interesting, Charles. Capitalizing words and misspelling Trojans intentionally are the sort of things that a 15 year old would find interesting. Please Charles, if you intend people to continue reading your posts, for the love if God, can you make them interesting? You are the Dane Cook of these boards.

    • Bud Dickman

      How much time do you have on your hands?

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  • TrojanFamily

    With an incredible recruiting class coming in and Kiffin positioning USC to avoid the sort if program collapse that other schools with sanctions have experienced, Kiffin’s job is safe. I just hope he grows into the job and hires an offensive coordinator to call plays. The silver lining in this year’s disappointment would be if Kiffin grows as a head coach.

    • TrojanFan

      Just hope the wheels don’t start to fall off during this stretch run in November…..which could be a big problem keeping some of these prize recruits….let’s cross the fingers and hope for the best(BCS bowl game)

      • First it’s Oregon, then ASU, follow that with loses to ucla and nd, how’s that for an end to the season ?

        • TrojanFan

          How about bucket taking you up to the tree house for a happy ending…’s that for an end to the season ?

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