More Penalty Talk

USC linebacker Dion Bailey talked today the Trojans’ penchant for penalties.

“We have a reputation of being a nasty bunch,” Bailey said. “We haven’t been smart on the field and the refs aren’t cutting us any breaks.”

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  • ok, so trOXans they lead the Nation in penalties and cheap shots because ’cause their are too proud, they’re too nasty and they’re not getting any breaks!!!

    hmmm i wish to suggest an alternate theory: how about they are a bunch of undisciplined, self aggrandizing, cheap-shotting A-holes???

    i still can’t believe it’s a 7 pt spread!!! i just checked the venerable LAT and it’s STILL DUCKS by 7!!!!!

    memo to Cadre: we need to lay the bets at multiple Casinos, so remember, we meet at State Line tonight at 10PM, then we break up into groups. more instructions on arrival…..


    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, the only spread you need to concern yourself with, is when Bruinrob spreads your cheeks and gives you the horn….OUCH!!!!

      • TrojanFamily

        Seriously, Trojanfan? The best you can come up is homophobic hate speech? You’re better than that. Besides it is quite clear from his nonsensical posts that Charles is a child. He shouldn’t be subjected to such language

        • thanks Trojan family. i was told as long as i did not use profane or bad language, and never attacked someone’s family or race or orientation, i could have fun opining on this blog. i mean we are all big enough to take a little good natured ribbing right?
          i mean, some people cant take the rough and tumble nature of big time pac 12 sports blogging!! but that’s no excuse for being so nasty like trojanfan.
          thanks for standing up.

          • TrojanFamily

            That’s true and some just aren’t very good at it. Some just repeat the same nonsensical statements and claim they somehow are “winning.” They are the sports blogging version of Charlie Sheen losing his mind. A truly impressive poster doesn’t need to claim he is brilliant. And they occasionally have a fresh take.

          • EncinitasBruin

            TrojanFan is all bark and no bite. Seriously, he can get a bit grumpy at times, but the guy does come up with some intelligent things to say on occasion.

          • TrojanFamily

            Oh silly Bruin I was clearly referring to Charles. He hasn’t had a fresh take in the 18 months I’ve been reading this blog. And from his language, syntax, and disjointed logic his posts seem like the sort you’d expect from a sophomore in high school.

          • TrojanFan

            The only support bucket gets around here, is from the jock strap he borrowed from Bruinrob

            PS….rumor has it, he is quite fond of the aroma coming from it after heavy use

          • intelligent? well if conjuring up slight variations of several gay sex acts is intelligent, well than trOXans fan is Albert f-ing Einstien!!!

          • EncinitasBruin

            No, the gay sex comment was NOT one of his bright moments, to be sure.

          • TrojanFan

            Thanks for having my back

        • TrojanFan

          Freedom of speech….roll with it…bucket likes it when i talk to him like that, it comes with the territory

  • QueenKiff

    So we have Woods justifying personal fouls when it’s for the sake of the “brotherhood,” and Dion Bailey spewing this pure garbage. A coaching staff worth their beans should retract these idiot statements and address the barbaric play of TJ McDonald and Leonard Williams who the refs just might be flagging because it’s so obvious they play with intent to hurt. Instead you have Kiff voicing a gladness that LW wasn’t suspended by the conference last week. He’s lost control; discipline is waning.

  • TrojanFamily

    I’m sorry Charles but I am pretty certain you need to be 21 to get into a casino. If you wait a few years you can get in.

  • ELConqueror

    This is why I love SC football. Its tough and for men, not boys. You cant say that about our other USC teams, so:

    Screw the women’s volleyball team!
    Screw the women’s soccer team!
    Screw the tennis teams!
    Screw the baseball team!
    Screw the softball team!
    Screw the debate team!
    and even screw the men’s basketball team…i’m not a big b-ball fan and could care less if those teams disintegrate. Let’s put our money where our mouth is and support our FOOTBALL team to the fullest…screw the rest.

    Oh, and Oregon sucks and so does Notre Dame!! Fight on!!

  • EncinitasBruin

    Well, right behind USC in penalty yards per game is UCLA. USC is worst in the nation with 83.9 yds per game, and UCLA is next to last at 79.9. Must be something in the LA water. Seriously, you’d think that two top 25 universities would have a better penalty rate than these two schools.