Morning Buzz

Does USC have so many penalties because its players are too eager to protect teammates by retaliating and getting personal fouls? That is wide receiver Robert Woods’ theory. Link here.

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  • dtksr1

    Is all this stuff being said right now a matter of frustration & dissapointment? I would be pissed as a player if I saw the reasons a game was lost, was continually being ignored or scapegoated. Kiffin, in my opinion, is not concerning himself enough with the whole of this team. Someone who has the power to do so, needs to grab that damn playchart out of his hand and tell him to pay attention to both sides of the ball equally and control the flow of the game with all the team talent he has. Kiffin has gotten schooled twice, so far this season by Coaches’ Shaw & Rodriguez. I am sure the word is out among other coaches, Kiffin can’t manage a game. Will Chip Kelly be #3?

    • Ben Doverz

      Haden is at a women’s volleyball game and then off to women’s lacrosse and Saturday he’ll be at a women’s cross country meet, he has no time for football these days.