Quick Thought

Lane Kiffin pointed out USC’s 6-2 record is the same as last season after 8 games. So what “competitve advantages” did concealing injuries and switching jersey numbers provide again?

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Morning Buzz

Wide receiver Robrt Woods said USC has too much pride and that is causing so many penalties. Woods cited an example where George Farmer was “cheapshotted” by a Colorado player and linebacker Anthony Sarao retaliated.
“It’s a brotherhood here,” Woods said. “(But) you need to play within the rules.”

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Kiffin On Key Play

Lane Kiffin elaborated today on USC’s second-to-last play. The deep pass to Marqise Lee that took way too much time off the clock.

“Unfortunately we kind of went for a knockout shot down there,” Kiffin said. “When you do that it takes a long time. We kind of went for it there. We tried to end the game there.”

Why wouldn’t you spike the ball and take the short shot and kick a field with Arizona quarterback Matt Scott out of the game for a potential overtime?

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