Answer Friday!

A reader wonders if karma explains Lane Kiffin’s problems this season.

Q: John Johns
Scott, putting your petty feelings aside, do you think this stuff would be happening if Mike Garrett was still AD? Do you think Haden is weaker than MG? Do you think Haden takes any blame?
A: Mike Garrett hired Kiffin so I think he would be semi-patient. I think he would probably be wondering about the staff and playcalling, like many of the readers. I think Haden is more of a CEO-type athletic director. Whether they are different won’t be known until after the season. Garrett might have pushed for some change. But Haden might too. We just won’t know until the season ends.
I don’t think Haden is weaker than Garrett. And he did not hire Kiffin. But he is on the hook to fix things if this year spirals ot of control.


Q: ELConqueror • 3 days ago
Scott–I actually don’t disagree with most of your comments but I was wondering if you know why they call you Gargamel? Also, I’ve always thought that Kiffin brought on some seriously bad karma to himself when he dissed the Tennessee team and shucked them off like nothing. Do you think he’s paying for his past sins and if so, do you think this will blow over soon?
A: I don’t even know who that is. I don’t know if you can use karma as a reason, but Kiffin’s definitely done some regretable stuff in the past. So maybe it is karma. A member of the athletic dept. told me in Tucson that USC’s losses were because of karma because of things Kiffin did before each loss. The Stanford game was the week when injury reporting became the main focus. And last week’s loss was the week where jersey switching became the hot topic.

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  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    wolfman, you rascal!! very cleverly veiled hook to Kiff’s gut!!!

    the Cadre has written EXTENSIVELY about how Kiff’s attempt to ban you from practice on trumped-up allegations blew up in his face!!!

    and as i have stated before the Karma Chameleon landed a vicious power kick to the trOXans collective nuts!!!

    MONEY QUOTE: “I don’t even know who that is” !!!!


    wolfman, isn’t this the BEST SEASON EVER?????

  • Scott, who was the person in the athletic dept.? The janitor? I know those people and they detest you. Second, funny, now GARRETT hired the HC. Before it was Gross. Do you really think that MG didn’t go out and get information from others in the dept to hire Kiff? Third, PH and MG ARE different. MG won a lot more NC’s. And Haden has all MG’s coaches, errrrrrr Gross’ coaches.

  • Dispassionate Dave

    I never comment, but I have a new found respect for Scott Wolf after this post.
    Does Wolf care that they call him “petty” in their comments? ANSWER: No.
    Does Wolf care that they ask him about Gargamel?ANSWER : No.
    (Bonus: he doesn’t even care who Gargamel IS!)
    Does Wolf care that fans diss him about his sources inside the athletic dept.? ANSWER: Double no. (he won’t even respond to any janitorial allusions).

    Does Wolf tell the truth about Kiffin’s past, his attitude and his misdeeds? ANSWER: a resounding YES. And Wolf is not afraid to post it because he knows Haden and Kiff cannot ban him from practice ANYMORE. H and K kiss Wolf’s ass!

    It’s great that an alum wants to see the best for SC and tells it like it really is. Keep the truth a’comin’, Wolf. Let’s correct the sins of the past.

  • Dispo Dbag, sorry I used you as the example from the athletic dept.
    SW is a total loser that never made it (La Daily News is a 3rd rate rag) and just wants to play “gottcha” with USC. You make a great pair.