Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment a reader wonders if a coaching change would be made if there is a November meltdown.


Q: jason stewart
If there is a complete meltdown (losing to Oregon big, UCLA, ND), will KIffin’s job be on the line OR does he get another year?
A: My first instinct is to lean toward saying he gets another year but I would not be surprised at all if a change was made. A well-known member of the media told me last week he thought a change would be made.
Here’s what we all know: In his two-plus years at USC, Pat Haden’s fired only one coach (Chad Kreuter) and shown patience with basketball coach Kevin O’Neill. Does that mean he is reluctant to fire coaches? Probably.
But football is another animal altogether. The standards are different. So maybe that patient persona doesn’t apply. It is going to be interesting if there is a meltdown.
Q: The Ghost of John McKay
Scott, how thrilled are you to know that the NBC sports network will have the rights to the EPL starting in 2013 and will be showing or streaming every freaking game live?
A: I’m cautiously optimistic because I think this could be really good though I hope they are able to farm out games to sister channels so that more games can be watched live. Wonder what happens to Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus now.

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